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Take the Poll - Peptide Combo .vs. HGH

During a post cycle (stasis/taper+SERM) and possible 3 months or so in between cycles of AAS which would you vote for?

HGH (roughly 3-4 months probably following BBB’s new protocol)



I was also thinking of HGH + MGF (BBB I saw you mentioned this and would appreciate it if you chime in with your opinion)

I know either would work and I have an educated idea for both sides but I was wondering if you would all like to participate in this poll? lol

Please explain your reasoning or at least say that your opinion is an educated opinion or from experience.

I guess what I’m saying is let me know your credibility don’t just post up something for the hell of it for no reason. lol

Thanks guys and I’m hoping this is somewhat fun. LOL

Doesn’t cost wind up being a huge factor?

E.g., I am using GHRP-6 not GH for one reason only: because it is cheaper and (at least for me) easier to get.

If the dosages were high enough - 30-40iu/wk - i would opt for GH definately, this is because GHRP et al are used when one cannot afford the dosages of GH for the length of time necessary for the best results.

That said, i would definitely want to use slin and AAS with a decent dose GH run… and your protocols are for off cycle - so i may want to use the libido enhancing and muscle building effects of the IGF/MGF along with decent doses of GHRP to keep calories high and fat burning high for a real good body comp. effect whilst off cycle.

I think that for the 3 peptides at decent doses over the same amount of time you’d end up paying as much for the GH, which is much closer to normal peoples price range of late - making my mouth water with the prospect of carpal tunnel…

Hope this gives you my opinion clearly - as you can see it depends.


I’m a month into BBB’s HGH protocol now and I can say that, for me, without a doubt in my mind, HGH is the way to go. That’s having used quite a bit of IGF-1 and PEG-MGF in the past. There is just no comparison.

BBB’s protocol works, and HGH used this way is very effective in an extremely short period of time. I cannot praise BBB enough, seriously.

However, if your GH source is costing you much more than $1.50 to $2/iu, you’re going to have to have quite a bit of cash for your “bridge.”

I’m just about to add MGF to the protocol, myself.

Cortes, do you plan on posting your results from BBB’s protocol, maybe even with some pictures?

Bill: Thanks for responding. Cost isn’t a factor right now unless I opt for REALLY high doses of GH…otherwise it’d probably end up around the same price.

Brook: Thank you your response was clear.

Cortes: Well your post has been the most convincing soo far and I trust your judgement in being one of the few people on this site who can compare the combo v. HGH. After reading your post I think I might put a tally mark in the GH/MGF column lol Are you choosing to use peg-mgf or just mgf…to me mgf makes more sense since I believe the protocol is just over a day or two and having the pegylated attachment would just prolong the mgf which isn’t necessary in this case correct?

Thanks for the responses everyone.

I have only done a short cycle of IGF so I can’t really comment.

Cortes - I’m interested as well to see what your results have been like.

I am planning on running BBB’s protocol as well (it has been greatly delayed due to delay in getting the GH) but is hopefully going to happen very soon. I’m already into the 3rd week of a test/deca cycle so hopefully I can get my hands on it before I get too far into the cycle.

I think with the results that we know a big time BBer got off the GH protocol, you kind of have to vote for that. I would certainly choose the GH protocol over the peptides.

Although, maybe you could save the $$, utilizing the GH protocol for a later date and just add in EQ and some GHRP-6 for appetite stimulation to help pack on the lbs…

I mean, thats what your thinking is your limiting factor here right? The ability to get in kcal? Or do you think that your past the point where body feels “comfortable” holding weight?

I’m using PEF-MGF injected IM.

I have not decided if I will post pictures or not, but I may be able to be convinced to do so. Unfortunately, I have not taken before pictures, because, as some of you who know me will understand, my life has been incredibly busy and my wife has not really been in a position to be taking pictures of me, as we both have rather more important priorities at the moment. I will post some stats for sure.

I am going to go the full 5 months, though, perhaps longer on purely GH.

It is looking like 400iu of HGH as it was easier to obtain than the other peptides at the moment.

Thanks for posting everyone!

*egnatios: I’m going into my stasis/taper here very shortly and I figured that since we now have the technology and options of running either AAS or Peptides that one could always have some sort of ‘edge’ while training…so I guess alternating peptides and AAS and occasionally using them simultaneously would lead to more muscle gains in the future. Instead of relying entirely on my taper PCT to keep most of my gains from my previous cycle, why not jump on some GH or something and have that help keep the gains or possibly build even more muscle…thats the whole plan here. Although I am having trouble getting in enough cals to grow but part of that is just going to come to bearing down and eating more. The GHRP6 I will utilize during my next AAS cycle.

-Strange thing is that now that I’m into my stasis my appetite has gone way up. Mine has almost dissapeared every time I go on cycle. But I’ll save that for another thread sometime