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Take the next step

Ok so week after week we all religiously read T-mag and try to apply anything that look neat to us. Some times it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

We all probably have our favorite authors and programs. But I wonder how many of us have gone the next step and tried to either contact(email, phone, smoke signal) the t-mag crew? Or how about attending a seminar? Or…gasp…getting some personalized training attention from them?
No matter how much they do seem like rockstars, they are people too. So drop them an email or go and work out with them.

I am writing this because while I was in LA this weekend I had the chance to go and workout with T-mag’s own Mike Mahler. I have attended one of his K-bell seminars in the fall and had a palm bleeding good time. I have kept in touch with Mike since then and when I told him I was going to be in his area, he was cool enough not only to let me workout with him but also to come pick me up and let me play with his dog.

We did some sort of K-bell EDT blur(If I am not wrong I believe that an article is forth coming) that had me out of breath and sweating.
While working out on a cliff over looking the Santa Monica pier we were able to get a great workout in, shoot the shit and even attract a crowd of LA onlookers.

So, the moral of the story is to take that next step. It might take you some time, or even some money but it will be well worth it in the end. Eventhough T-mag is the coolest site possible, with the coolest staff and writers out there…words and pics can only take you so far.

Go get some individualized attention. We all deserve it and need it.

fighting the good fight,

Excellent point! Not only should this advice apply to the contributors at T-Mag, but also to the contributors on this very forum.

If there is someone you respect or admire on the forum and you live in their area, get together and workout sometime.

With the advent of private messages here, there is really no excuse to not try and expand beyond the cyber world.

good stuff jesse…

we definitely should try to reach out.

But… I don’t think I have the guts to go up to Dave Tate and ask him to work out with me.

Hey, anyone living in the Hiroshima area, give me a call… :wink:

Anyone out there living here in Austria? No? Didn’t think so… tried this a while ago, but got nothing back. My “lurking” friend and I are about it as far as I know here in Austria. Maybe we need a t-mag site in German. A two-man t-cell sounds too gay for me (not that there’s anything wrong with that). If there are any more lurkers here in Austria, now’s a good chance for a first post.

There’s only two of us that post regularly from New Orleans, and ole JasonL is on the opposite side of the river from myself.

Hey DocT, I’ve got a car(actually a truck) and don’t mind driving across the river for a workout. I’ve yet to meet someone who eats like me(massive eating) or who understands what I eat.

We’s got a whole buncha peoples in the NW area; especially Portland.

And I’m waiting to see every single one of them at a Friday night strongman training session. I’ve met one (Rumbach) there, but alas, no others have shown. ;-(

I dunno, I hate to “Bug” the T-MAG crew as they are usually pretty slammed just getting the site articles and mag out. I would feel kind of bad asking guys like Chad, Mike, Christian to give me more time, training advice, or diet advice when they already do so much for us here as it is. Also this is how they put food on the table. Now I agree with you, step up and PAY these guys to help you get to the next level! Thats a win win all around!

We’ll definately have to do that soon, Jason.