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Take That Planet Fitness!


Guy tells Planet Fitness what he thinks of them AND their Lunk Alarm. Lol.
(apologies if this has already been posted)


Better get to apologizing...


Damn... that sucks. Sorry.


That was awesome.


that was rude and lame.


ok I just read further into it, and didnt realize there is an alarm and what not in that particular gym.
now THAT'S lame.
I just wouldn't sign up there, period.


Yes it has been posted, but still hilarious.


I will be in Austin for a conference in May and theres a Planet Fittness about 2 miles from the hotel. Thinking about going and seeing just how bad the place is and how easy it is to set this alarm off.


Take Holy"I don't produce"Macaroni with you.


haha i crack up err time i see that,

and im hungary


if I go through with it, I'll find a partner to shoot some video. much to think about between now and then.


There should just be an ongoing competition for funniest "I set off the lunk alarm" video.


I was googling to find the rules for the place and read some complaint stories about guys getting asked to leave. Apparently I could get it set off by doing a heavy set of push presses (anything over 35 lbs in other words)and having a mean look on my face