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Take That Evolutionnist


Finally something to prove evolution wrong. I plan to go there on my vacation with my wife and kids .We will have lots of fun I am sure. Anyone knows other interesting place to visit in Kentucky?

PS: sorry if this was already posted there was nothing when I researched

Roe v. Wade: 42 Years in the Past



Ok so if you don't understand science don't post about it emphetically please. I am a christian and this makes those of us actually educated sound idiotic when we have to answer for your outbursts.

you cannot prove the existance of God with science and cannot disprove evolution with a museum about God, you can find wholes in a model or theory that decrease the probabolity of it being the best model to explain the given function or phenomena.


I'd like to hear exactly how it is that that "museum" does anything whatsoever to "prove evolution wrong". All it can do is reinforce your preexisting anti-science bias.

Continue to teach your children that science = bad/bible = good, they'll do well in life. We'll always need truck drivers and trash collectors to keep things running smoothly.


science is evil

What was it that Adam ate that he wasn't supposed to eat? It wasn't just an apple - it was the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

"Get smart and I'll fuck you over - sayeth the Lord." God is the Smartest - and he
doesn't want any competition.


In texas we christian are already teaching the creation in schools. The good truth is spreading

My children are not gonna be truck drivers. They are gonna be lawyers or politicians. They are gonna make the law- millions of people will do it OUR way.

We fund the republican party, and they give us some lever . We run televangelists program. In times of economic recession when people need the help of god they give their money to us (God) with our christian television program. We are very rich. we can build museum and edit books.
So truck driver??? I don't think so. More like the 21th century new leader.

By the way I dont know what this is doing in PWI. I only wanted to have some recommendations on what to do in kentucky.


Uh, lol?


He's not Christian.




Your profile location says canada?





Some of you really got pwned today.


sorry got suckered in,


What shocked me most is that they managed to raise $25 million for that shithole. I really think $25 million could be put to much better use than shoving a square peg in to a round hole.

I went to a Catholic high school and even there, I was not taught "Creationism" I was taught about the theory of evolution.


The Jim Beam distillery?