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Take Metabolic Drive Every Night?

I am wondering if I should take Metabolic Drive low-carb super protein every night or just on the nights after a workout. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Sure you can, I do. Or have some other food with high protein. Its just easy and good so its what I go for at the end of the day.


Take it whenever you need to additional protein to make up for deficiencies in your diet.

There’s no problem to use it nightly before bed. Remember, you grow during rest, not while training.

Thanks for the replies. Would you suggest taking Metabolic Drive over whey protein at night? I have read about the difference in the proteins and it seems like it would be beneficial. Just curious if anyone has experience taking one vs the other. Thanks again.

Metabolic Drive is a mix of Whey and Casein protin, casein is slow digesting and therefore a better choice before the nights fast or other times during the day except post workout…