Take Creatine on Non Training Days

Hello forum, I have got a doubt. Although I´m getting lean (now I´m around 4-3,5% of bodyfat), on non training days, I usually do cardio, the first thing of the morning, on a empty stomach.

But when is the better time to take creatine? with my pre stack fat burning? post cardio? my meal postcardio is two scoop of whey or egg whites with some veggies, for following with de cathecolamines effect, etc.

Thanks a lot from Spain

I realize this sounds silly but it worked for me. At a stairway of 162 , I left a quart of water & creatine at the top of the run. Each time I got to the top I could have a drink. I managed to run this 5 to 6 times an hour.

Never again will I be in that good a shape. Was this was a good way to get the creatine ino where it was needed, I was pretty happy with it, and was told I was looking good.