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'Take Away the 2nd Amendment'


At least thats what these two guys say:

And look at pictures of these two writers. They look like typical left wing liberals that would piss on themselves at the sight of anything that might be shaped like a gun. Maybe it's a good thing not too many women would sleep with these guys, maybe that means in a generation or 2, there wont be anymore like them left.


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The comments are a treasuredrove.

I liked the guy who thinks that all NRA members should be imprisoned, their property consfiscated or deported.

I also like the guy who challenges everyone that claims that guns dont kill people to take a knife against a machine gun and see what happens.

Personally, I am quite confident that I can take a machine gun, provided that there is no shoozer, which is kind of the point of "guns dont kill people".


Unfortunately these feminists have created an unintended consequence since they won the battle....the man from 2011. They sleep with the men they made.

This explains the Metro man vs the T-Man very simply. The Pussification process began in the 60's. A lot happens in 50 years.


That metro man stuff never did sit right with me. I have a problem with any man trying to look prettier than the woman he's with. Alot of those men, if you want to call them that, can't do typical things like change a flat tire. Because they dont know how or if they did, wouldn't want to ruin their manicure.


These are the same liberals who agree with free speech, until it's something that goes against what they want done.


The hilarious thing about the second article is that carrying on the VT campus is already illegal. What he is suggesting would not have prevented it, it would have just made what happened "more" illegal.


The right to arm yourself is a defining characteristic of the founding of America. There may be no reason it is the Second Amendment. But it is damn important. God forbid one day we need to rebel against the legally elected government, or defend ourselves against the improbable reality of foreign invasion.

Do people NEED guns every day?? Maybe not, but guns don't kill people the person pulling the trigger does. And if you NEED someone dead for your life sake, for a loved ones life sake, those who obey the laws should never be at the mercy of those who do not.

Sure, London has no guns. I've been led to believe they truly have few guns. Also the stabbing capital of the world. People kill each other however they can.


Just like in the Slutwalk thread. Clothes don't make someone rape and guns don't make someone kill. Rapist rape, and Killers kill.

However, I do see the government trying to steal the 2nd. All the hoops we have to jump thru just to protect ourselves is getting out of hand. I have a grim outlook on the 2nd amendments future. We have gotten too soft.


Too many people forget the purpose of the 2nd amendment is so that we'll have weapons to defend against criminals or so that we can hunt for recreation. The purpose is so, if we need to we can lead an armed revolt against an oppressive federal gov't. Kinda like the one we have currently.


<--- changes tires with manicure.


Reddog is right about the original justification for the 2nd Amendment. Consequently I feel obligated to point out, as I do whenever one of these threads comes up, that every single one of you would shit your pants and raise a white flag if faced with combat against, say, Seal Team 6...or for that matter ANY trained United States fighting force.


Or go down in a blaze of gunfire glory lol


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And there are millions of gun owners in America. If all of them got together for a common purpose, no police force in the country would be able to contain them. Training only can do so much against sheer numbers.


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By your logic, North Korea would be a deadly military force, 1 million man army and all. Well trained>quantity. Remember they'd hvae air support, logistics, and surveillance


Did you seriously just draw a comparison between the North Korean citizenry and that of the United States? Maybe you should stick to posting in SAMA and taking shirtless avatar pics with your male friend, guy.

And if you are still unclear, see push's post above.


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And if the Seals defected (along with the rest of the Armed Forces), they'd win. Whichever side they were on--they'd win.

That isn't an argument for the necessity of guns amongst America's citizenry.