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Take a Stab At My Diet


Hey guys, I think I have stopped growing, or at least things have slowed down a lot. The obvious answer is to eat more, which I started doing as soon as i noticed things had slowed down. But I also wanted to make sure that my diet is on key so...without further adue, or however the hell you spell that, here is my diet:

50g Whey Isolate Shake with Skim milk
30g of dextrose
Vitamin C
Fish oil cap
Flash seed oil cap

Second meal:
4 full eggs(boiled)
Glass of full milk

Third meal:
Steak on bread with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pepper

Fourth meal:
1 Can of tuna with bread
Full glass of milk

Fifth meal(PWO Shake):
50g Whey Isolate
30g Dextrose
30g Maltodextrim
5g Micronized Creatine

Sixth meal:
Whatever they are serving around here, usually consisting of meat and rice + beans.

Im thinking of adding a serving of nuts to some of my meals to up my calories some more, is this a good idea? What else could I add?

So there you have it...stab away!


Look ok are you gaining now if no add more I also say yes add nuts oils etc your lacking big time in your varied fats aside from sats which look good.


Looks pretty good. You could think of adding some natural peanut butter to your shakes to up the calorie level.


Thanks for the replies.
Where do I get natural pb?


Natural PB should be at any decent Grocery store or health food store. Ingredients are just peanuts maybe some salt.

You can also make your own with a food processor.