Take a Snap of Your Food

We see a lot of people posting what they are eating in a written format, wouldn’t it be nice to actually see these food? Most people now a days carry a cell phone with some sort of image capturing capability. Let’s see what you are actually eating…I’ll start. Below are pictures of the food I’v eaten so far.

My resources are as follows: Muscle Revolution by Chad Waterbury, Precision Nutrition by John Berardi, Nutrient Timing by John Ivy and of course a daily dose of reading from T-Nation.

Current Supplemenation are as follows: Metabolic Drive (Low-Carb, Biotest)), Surge (Biotest), Glutamine (VitaminShoppe), Creatine (Biotest), MV(GNC), Power Drive (Biotest), BCAA (Biotest), Flameout (Biotest), Alpha Male (Biotest), REZ-V (Biotest), ZMA (Biotest), and Greens+.

Here’s a sample of a typical daily diet or “feeding opportunities” as I’ve adopted to call it since following the Precision Nutrition by John Berardi:

5:45A - BCAA\Power Drive\REZ-V
6:00A - 7:00A - Drive to work
7:00A - Egg omelette (5 white\1 whole) or HB eggs 5 or 6, green salad\Olive Balsamic dressing, Chicken breast or roast beef or salmon or any other source of solid protein, fruit (any fruit) or sometimes steel cut oat meal or quinoa, Flameout, MV
9:00A - Alpha Male
10:00AM - Supershake (Metabolic Drive, Flax meal, almonds or other nuts) some time I add mint extract to make it more yummy
12:00P - Chicken breast or roast beef or salmon or any other source of solid protein, green salad\Olive Balsamic dressing, fruit, BCAA, Flameout
2:00P - Alpha Male
3:00P - Supershake (Metabolic Drive, Flax meal, almonds or other nuts)
4:00P - Biotest Surge Drink half on the way to gym and half while working out.
4:30 - 6:00P - Workout
6:15P - Biotest Surge
7:30P - Chicken breast or roast beef or salmon or any other source of solid protein, green salad\Olive Balsamic dressing, (no-fruit), BCAA, Flameout, MV
9:00P - Supershake (Metabolic Drive, Flax meal, almonds or other nuts)

Workout Routine:
ABBH - Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy
Here’s a link to my current progress chart:
( Anti-Bodybuilding Hypertrophy I )

Before drivingto work - 6AM
Power Drive

Breakfast - 7AM
Green Tea
Grilled Chicken
Multi Vitamins

Mid-Morining SuperShake - 10AM
Metabolic Drive protein powder - 1 scoop
Flax meal

Small Packet containing:
Mixed nuts and raisins

Lunch - 12PM
Chicken with yellow squash in cream sauce - Precisin Nutrition recipe
Salad with Olive oil and Raspberry vinegar
Slice of avocado
Green tea

Mid afternoon 3PM- Supershake
Same ingredients as above - made from the same batch

If I am working out today I will have a serving of Surge at 4 and another one at 6 PM and dinner around 7:30.

Today being Valetines day and not workout day. I will have a low fat yogurt at 6 PM and BIG Valentines dinner at 9 PM. Most likely steak, some side dish, salad, dessert. It won’t be typical but this is one of those special days. :slight_smile:

funny you mentioned this, I was talking to some clients the other day that if writing what they eat is too much, they can just take a quick pic and send to me.
I’m about to fix some V-Day dinner, I’ll take a pic of the meal :slight_smile:

I’m cooking my next meal right now, I’ll upload it in a few minutes.

Edit:let’s see how this goes. This is about 14 oz of steak with what I will describe as a “mess” of vegetables. Some broccoli on the left, 1/2 spinch 1/2 romaine lettuce on the right. With a backdrop of a smudgey(not to self-get windex) glass table and a small part of my foot.

WOW - That looks really good, are you planning on eating all of that food in one seating?

Follow up question - How did you prepare the meat? What kind of meat is that? I am hungry now. Can’t wait for my Valenties dinner at 9. I will definitely have a steak now after seeing that. I snap a picture of the dinner too.

I felt pretty hungry when I was preparing it so I decided to double up what I’d normally eat for veggies. I ate all the steak and broccoli but held off on the salad*I was stuffed) which I’ll use as my veggie for my last meal of the night probably.

It’s top sirloin, and I cooked it with a George Foreman haha. Just put this “steak dust” on both sides and let it cook while I steamed the broccoli. Oh and I had 3 fish oil caps, gotta get those healthy fats in haha.

That was my nice looking meal off the day for sure, a shaker bottle with some whey isolate and olive oil looks like… well like oily milk haha. I had some rinsed off ground beef with some corn earlier and another shake I think, I’ll probably go with chicken for my last meal and finish off that salad.

that steak looked damn good.

um yeah, tasted so good, I didn’t remember to take a pic till the last few bites, lol

damn yall eat some good looking food…making me mad hungry.

I could be wrong but shouldnt you take in protein as soon as you awake not just BCAA and REZ-V? Like maybe whey

I could take some protein as soon as I wake up, in fact I was thinking of adding that if I don’t see any good gains in about 4 weeks. For now, I wait until I get to work until I have breakfast, which usually contains some solid source of protein.

Hahaha- The good old Foreman grill.

I gotcha makes sense, if you dont see any gains I would just have like a small whey shake jsut to get something into you and btw the those grills r so dam convenient

I highly suggest a cast iron pan! Get one with grill marks for cooking up your steaks.