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Take a Shot

I LOVED that TC article, take a shot. It was so true and very inspiring. I havent dated in a while but I am very shy and dont approach women well. Well I bust my ass in the gym and get feedback from enough people I look good. Tonight was a letdown, saw the Hottest shot girl at a bar by a local college, Rutgers. Well TC, I didn’t do a damn thing about it, as much as I wanted to. I just read your article over, and tomorrow i’m going to run in, just to talk to her. I’ll be straitforward and see if it’s true that beautiful women are actually accessible to some of us. Either i’ll be hailing TC as my savior, or curse u till the day I dye if i’m shot down in embarassment (JK) Either way great article and its pushed me to make a move.

Flex69, definitely keep us updated. I plan on going out with a bunch of friends tonight. Maybe I’ll veer from the group and find a hot number to talk to at the club!

Hey, man I feel for you. I have the same problem. Although I’m good to go once the conversation is started, but my problem is just starting it, and the approach. I went to a small private school to make things worse. I knew everyone so I never developed the necessary social skills to go talk to some girl I didn’t know.

Loved that article and this issues too. I am great at giving advice that I myself don’t follow. 2 things that I have heard that are interesting, 1, the answer was no before you asked, so why not? you may be pleasantly suprised and 2) Have any truer words ever been uttered than by the Gilbert Godfried character in the movie risky business, “somethimes you just gotta say, what the fuck!!”

Man, what a bunch of losers! Nah, just fuckin with ya…good luck man! And remember, NOTHING is more unattractive to a woman than insecurity…you must show confidence, no matter what! And don’t seem to desparate to talk to her, just start a conversation casually. Be persistent, but not over zealous. Man, are they weird creatures or what?

Don’t feel alone man, I got the same problem. I feel like I’m a pretty good looking guy, actually, I’m the Justin that Chris Shugart talked about in his “Getting Laid the Testosterone Way” article. Anyway I got past that girl and I land an occasional piece of great ass but not near as much as I would like. TC’s article made me realize I was just making excuses just like most guys make excuses not to work out and end up turning into fat fucks, and as TMen we can not sucumb to excuses. We must calm our fears, set goals, and get laid! What say ye T bros?