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Take a Look at my Training Cycle

Hoping that someone can offer advice one way or another. Starting Monday, I am 12 weeks out from my next show. I have listed the events and the first 3 weeks of training below. This is the first time I’m going to follow something for 12 weeks and I’m honestly having a hard time fitting it all in.


  1. Axle clean and Press for Max-Wessels Rule-2" knurled axle

  2. Yoke-50 foot-1 minute 650lbs

3 Farmers/Powerstairs Medley-50 foot farmers, 1 implement up 3 stairs MW 260FW/350PS

  1. Keg Carry and Truck Push-40-50ft each MW 250 Keg/Large truck,

  2. atlas stones-5 stones to 48" MW 235-330

First 3 weeks;

ME Upper;
Standing strict axel press: Warm up with 5’s to a 5rm
Close grip high board press, work up to 5rm
Standing ez curl bar tricep extension; 3 sets of 10
upper back/rear delt work; 3 sets of 10

DE Lower;
front squat: 8x3 at 50-60% of 1rm
axle cleans: 8x3 at 50-60%
reverse hyper: 3 sets of 8
pulldown abs: 4 sets of 10
GHR: we should start trying to do these

DE Upper;
Standing or seated axel press: 8 sets of 3 at 50% of 1rm
Seated 1 arm db press; 5 sets of 5
Bicep/tricep superset
reat delt/lat superset

ME Lower/events:
Yoke runs; Warmup and then 2 heavy contest runs
Stone or sandbag/keg work; 3 runs
Farmers; 2 runs
Axle cleans; 4 sets max, work on triples
Sled drag or truck push; For conditioning as needed

I feel like the event day is going to be really hard. I think we need stone and axle work every week. Maybe we can rotate the rest of the stuff? I tried to add in our high rep/bodybuilder stuff on DE upper day. We would obviously make any necessry changes after the first 3 weeks. We could also add a fifth day to hit any accessory or conditioning work.