Take a Look At My Diet

7:00 am-2 whole eggs 6whites and a bagel-1 multi(i split one now and one post w/o)
9:00- protein bar
noon- 8-10 oz chicken breast boiled plain with 2cups rice and 1 and 1/2 cups of vegies steamed.
2:00 whey shake and an apple
5:30-repeat noon meal with red meat or fish,the rest is the same with the vegies and carb

pre w/o-whey shake/creatine

w/o 1-1.5 hrs

post w/o- 40gms whey and the other multi

late meal-8oz of fish or chicken with vegies and rice

take a look at what i am working with,so far it has worked i went from 185 after i cut to now i am 215-220 i will post pics when i get my camera back from the shop.thanks guys

if its working which it sounds like it is roll with it. looks very low in good fats. Might get some nuts, olive oil etc in there


Alright I will try that. Thanks.