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Take 7-9 Days Off Lifting During Cycle?


So I injured myself, tweaked a tendon in my left hand, strained my left pec, and majorly strained my right tricep. This is major set back, and makes me depressed just thinking about it. Is it ok if I take off 7-9 days, so I can completely bring up those body parts? Im administering IGF to those area for any hope of a faster receovery.

Im 5th week into my testE/tbol cycle.

I will continue to lift legs


train legs and abs?


yes i will continue to train legs + abs


I mean, what choice do you have? If you can't lift, you can't lift... in fact, it might be good for you.


Yea, cant be that bad actually, might help take some stress off my CNS and allow complete recovery. Would you recommend not lifting completely, or still train legs?


im all for training when you injure yourself. If it happens you might as well use the time to work on things that you hate doing which might actually help further injury in the future. Or you can do Neural charge workouts that Coach thibs recommends doing.

I think sitting on your ass is counter productive, get in the gym and do what you can and learn from your injuries.


I'd still train what I could and do some conditioning work.


thanks guys


I make it a point to take a week off periodically (once every 3 months or so) and I always come back stronger. I genuinely hate not going to the gym, but I am convinced that it pays off to let your body totally recover and reset. Just like occasionally de-loading can have benefits, too.