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Tainted Supplements?

I am writing an article for a sports writing class on the “it was a bad supplement” excuse that is commonly given in response to positive drug tests in pro sports I’m still in the initial stages of putting everything together, however, I wondered if anyone could recall any specific instances where a company has added off label “ingredients” to a product.

I remember something happening a couple years ago with Nitro-Tech whey and an NFL player testing positive for steroids that were traced back to the Nitro-Tech.

First one that comes to my mind would be back in the day the original EAS I believe or MetRx hell prob both had Dbol.; Im sure someone has more direct info for you but its out there been talked about


Two words: Hot Stuff.

What about the excuse, “He told me it was flax oil”?

I couldn’t honestly believe that most of these athletes (90%) think a supplement was “spiked”

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
Two words: Hot Stuff.[/quote]

HAHAHA…you forgot the XXL or was it XXXL. That shit tasted HORRIBLE, quite possibly the worst tasting supplement ever.

I found today that an Olympic swimmer by the name of Kicker Vencill won a lawsuit a while back against Ultimate Nutrition for a multi-vitamin that supposedly cause him to test positive for 19-Norandrolone.

I’m still curious as to how such things make their way into the products. Do supplement companies generally keep such substances around for experimental purposes, even if not intended for use in the product? Or is it a mad scientist standing over a batch saying "Yes, now they’ll buy my multi-vitamin.