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Tailoring Diet Due to Weight Gains

I’ve been following the advice in the “Truth about Bulking” article and have been aiming for 2-3 lb gains per month. I’ve been on track for that these past two months. I’ve put on between 5-6 lbs.

The thing is, this past week I put on a little over 2 lbs and I don’t think my diets changed dramatically. That’s a lot, I think, for one week. I also noticed that my waist size is a 1/2 inch bigger (from 32" to 32 1/2").

The odd thing is that my waist size has been pretty stable up to this point. I don’t understand the jump I’ve made this past week and given the waist size I don’t think it’s all muscle. :-/

I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing, because I keep adding weight to the bar, but if I notice my waist size getting bigger, which is what I worry about the most, should I cut back on calories or just carbs or both??

It’s hard to say, none of us are with you all the time to really know your training style and what not.

You’re going to gain some fat along with the muscle, it is normal. Of course, the ratio should be skewed towards muscle.

For me, it would be carbs, but I’m a FFB. You could try cutting back carbs during the day and before bed (but keep them high post workout)…or… add some HIIT in a couple times per week, just to burn a few more calories.

Berardi suggests 5+ hours of weekly exercise, whether gaining or losing, a la G-Flux. High amounts of high quality exercise + high calories, may actually be more beneficial than cutting calories to mitigate fat gain.

Try something for a few weeks, if it works good, if it doesn’t try something else.

I like little cycles. If you feel like you are getting fat, then diet for 1 week. A serious, strict diet for a week with weight training won’t make you weaker or cannibalize your lean mass. I do the same thing while dieting, which I have been mostly doing; when I feel my strength decreasing I take a week and clean bulk. Then I go back to my dieting. I prefer this approach, and see it as a better alternative that will allow you to keep doing what you are doing with only a one week hiccup.