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Tailored Clothes?


For those of us who work in an office environment, typically the "business" attire is what is acceptable. Sure, there are these "business-casual" Fridays and all that jazz, but most of the time in corporate life, you have to have that uniform on.

I have a HELL of a time finding clothes. To be frank here, I look ridiculous in my Monday to Friday (and unfortunately, sometimes Saturday and Sunday for weeks on end) "business" attire.

I can't find slacks to fit my legs (or my damn butt for that matter). Those that do have a waist size that is ridiculous (but yet I have to buy them anyways).

And shirts. What can I write about shirts. I am cursed...cursed I say... with being particularly short but having a body like a mini-hulk. There are no standard shirts that will fit me. None. The ones I have to buy basically end up being way too long (but they fit in the chest and arms!)and just ridiculous looking.

So, yes, I buy what I can and have them altered. I don't buy work clothes that often (but I do buy a ton of casual sports clothes...my REAL life attire. Love 'em, because I can actually find stuff that fits most of the time) and it was time for me to have to do some shopping.

I decided to try getting tailor made clothing. The cost folks, was quite sobering. But the end product is a thing of absolute beauty. I just picked up from the tailor today some shirts and trousers, and I cannot believe the way I look in them! They are comfortable, and just plain sharp looking. And, they actually show off the physique in a great way!

Wow...I never realized how sharp clothes can really feed the enthusiam to want to be at work!


Lee Travino, the golfer, said buy tailored shirts. They look much better on you and will last much longer.