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Tailor Workout/Diet


I just started my first cycle Sunday and I'm hoping to get as much out of it as possible. I was cutting previous to this cycle and I'm not going an all out bulk, but I'm upping my protein by about 100g a day and adding in some more carbs.

I usually would work out 4 days a week, but do you think it would be a good idea to workout 5 or even 6? I realize week one I won't see much improvement in recovery etc but if I could benefit from more frequent lifting, I'm all for it.

Any ideas?


100g ain't that much protein. I've eaten steaks with more protein than that. What are your stats? What manner of training are you doing?


He is adding a 100g per day to what he already eats. Not just eating 100 grams.


Ah, you're right.

My questions regarding his training and stats remain though.


I'm currently doing my own "program". Atleast nothing from T-Nation. I'm 6'4, 205, dieted down from 235 with quite a bit higher bf. My workouts consist of the core movements, pressing, dead lift, bench, squat with isolation work to hit the biceps etc.

I want to lose body fat or atleast hold steady (I'm prolly at about 14-15%) but gain quality mass. I'm not intersted in gaining 20lbs but half of it being fat.

My confusion comes with how differently I should be treating training/eating. Can I up my intake of calories/carbs in order to gain more muscle and still maintain/decrease a bodyfat level I'm at now? Or should I simply continue on a cutting diet and in the process maybe gain 10lbs or so and lose fat? I just don't know how drastic the juice affects such paramaters.


My 2c:
keep EVERYTHING the same except jack up protein intake to 1.75-2g per pound. There is a past thread about this, not too long ago, go look for it, it would be very helpful :wink: