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Tailbone Pain from Squats

my tailbone is killing me from squatting. i stopped hitting the gym for about a month when i was home from college for winter break.

i started going as soon as i came back. my lower back, tailbone, is killing me from squats. i couldnt even finish my 5 sets. i had to stop after 2 and drop the weight. its still hurting after a couple days. i cant bend over or move really quickly.

did i mess it up or is it just because i havent done it in a while? what can i do until it gets better? will front squats be easier on my back, or bodyweight?

sounds like a form issue, go to the starting strength wiki page, there are videos there on how to do compound lifts properly.

i dont think it is form. i dont think your form could suck that bad and you were not able to correct it. i think it is just some weird thing that will go away. i would definetely try front squats. or lunges, step ups, sissy squat.
squats are not new to you right?

It may be form but more than likely its your technique and lack of core strength. Could also include lack of flexibility causing you to round your back near the bottom. Hard to tell without more info.

When it comes to technique, you need to make sure you take breath and hold it going down and coming up so you get plenty of interabdominal pressure to stabilize your core and prevent your lower back muscles from taking on the bulk of the duty of stablization. If you have weak transverse abdominis (TVA) muscles in the core, or you don’t know how to use the TVA in the movement then the lower back muscles can get misused.

Assuming you fully heal up in a month or two, find an expert that can show you how to do the movement correctly. If you don’t, you’ll continue to reinjure the lower back muscles over and over, building plenty of scar tissue along the way.

I’ve been there and done that.

its starting to turn out okay little by little. deadlifting is still hurting my lower back but squatting is getting okay. i think its just that i havent lifted in a while and i was just getting used to it. hopefully deadlifts get better too.

i dont think there is anything to heal. it is just a mystery of the body and whatever it is int going to kill him. could be the same thing that caused my shin pain when squatting. freak muscle tightness the physical therapist explained to me. quite a renowned therapist he was to. art certified. could be his shoes.

i am rather lax when it comes to form. i try to keep my back straight but if i cant i am not going to fight it. there are a few ways to squat and then bodily dimensions must be taken into account. i think most people can find out the most effective way to bend their knees on their own

Your lower back is prob just weak combined with poor form; I don’t think there is any big mystery here. Look into good mornings… they helped me out a lot by strengthening my lower back and in turn improving my squat form. I would suggest reading Dave Tate’s 900 lb squat article (great tips on squat form) and research more on squat form, implement some supplementary lower back exercises (such as good mornings) during the week a few days spaced out from squat day, and lastly, suck it up and deal with the pain. It’s not supposed to feel good.