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Tailbone Pain / Can't Bend Over


For the last 4 days im unable to sit, walk, bend over due to my tail bone right above the butt hurts.

Im talking about in the morning I pull myself out of bed and push myself to sit up with my arms. I cannot just sit up due to the pain any idea's and or stretching ideas ?

I believe it happened when I started squatting ass to grass

fuckin crossfit this is why I don't try new things I swear


Dreaded Butt Wink…

You have to learn to listen to your body firt and foremost. Learn to break parallel without compromising form and most importantly safety. Typically the best way to diagnose is record your squats and work hard on correcting any and all deficiencies. Warm up hips properly, play around with stance and find the most comfortable. STAY TIGHT throughout lift. Other than rest and OTC meds, carefully stretch. I can only speak from experience, but lying crossovers help me deal with chronic pain in similar areas of discomfort.


the damn buttwink gets me ?