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Tailbone Hurts

Alright so I was supposed to do a heavy 5 today for squats…2 sets…one real heavy, then the other one drop bout 20 pounds or so. Anyways I felt my tailbone hurt last week after doing heavy squats and all that…especially with all the other activity I do, I mustve aggrivated it more. So today I was warming up with 315 and it just like really hurt whe i got to the bottom. So I decided not to go heavy, and just did 2 sets of 315x5…Anyone else ever have this…I’ve had it before from liek falling when I was a small kid, but yeah…How to heal it faster…or is it pretty much I just need some damn rest n stuff? Any help and all very much appreciated.

Go see a sports medicine doctor if its been going on for a bit. Don’t self-diagnose yourself. Better safe than sorry!!

I have had tailbone issues since about 15 (injury related). Basically when it gets bad enough I have to go on ibuprofen to control it. There is surgery you can opt for, but its a big deal and lots of recovery.

What I have is a polinoidal cyst on the tailbone. At some point I will probably need surgery, but for now I just control it only when I really feel I have to with Ibuprofen. A doctor will I almost guarantee tell you the same, but still check it with a doctor…if anything it will make you feel better that you checked it.

Well I don’t think its anything that serious…if it is…well I’m going to kill myself then (haha not actually, but you know)…seriosuly though…I’m thinking I just need some rest n stuff.

My parents won’t let me go to doctors n shit to go get things checked out and always say I just need to rest lol. SOOO yeah, anyone else have any more comments bout it?

Anyone else have any thoughts…I’m being kinda pushy but I REALLY want to squat and deadlift lol.

What do you want people to tell you? Control it with over the counter medication, or go to a doctor (who will tell you the same) or don’t deadlift squat.

Stop having your boyfriend hit you so hard from behind.

haha funny PGA… :expressionless: lol. But anyways I’m takin a week off from lifting just cause I think I’m really pushin it. I talked to some other lifters and they said they’ve had it before, and it’ll go away soon.