Tail-End of a Diet Phase

have been dieting for around 10/11 weeks. started at 192 got down to 171. read a lot of articles on here took a lot of advice and learned some thing along the way. eating about 1900/2000 cals on average right now. i believe i started out to low as it’s slowed down and been harder the last 2 weeks. been running whole body every other day with a little bit of tabata assault bike mixed in. have still been able to hit PRs and rep PRs ok several lifts up to this week. looking for feedback on physique as well as advice to get the last off of that’s the route i go. continue dieting or possibly go back to maintnece for a few weeks to build metabolism back up. i am also extremely active. thanks y’all for all the great content and support.


Happen to have any before pics?

If you’re a T Nation Plus member, you’ll be able to see a sneak preview of my article on non-linear dieting (link below), which sounds like a good next step for you. If you’re not a plus member, the article will be available to everyone in a few weeks or so.

The gist is to diet hard for the 5 weekdays (35% below maintenance), then go back up to maintenance calories on Saturday and Sunday (get those extra calories from carbs).


this is where i started at

No advice, but great work brother


Great job my man!

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That is a fairly long cut, plus your rate of weight loss averaged about 2lbs a week.

This would most likely be the case. I would try to maintain for about 2 months, trying to add muscle. Be sure to eat clean still. Then back to your cut. I never like to lose muscle in a cut. You are close enough to take the cut a little slower.


nice work

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Great work. Did you just finish a workout before taking the after pics? (Aka pumped photos). Wondering if you worked out arms and or shoulders prior? The thing I see I would work on most is the delts. You need to widen out a bit up top to get a better taper. This is only if we are being picky. You certainly look good enough not to sweat the details but if you asked for an improvement area that would be my take.

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For our help, pics of your legs gives us added information. I would like to start seeing some quad muscle separation.

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thanks i was thinking something along those lines.

thanks for the feedback. yes post workout photos with arms and shoulders being done last. i have always felt “boxy” and agree with the lacking delts. any tips on helping them grow?

minimal quad separation still at this point. it has been challenging for them grow as well as be defined despite them getting stronger and a lot of focus.

The more muscle the more separation you will see with the same fat pounds. Also, start flexing your thighs in the mirror on non-leg days. And post pics of your thighs flexed. This is important, and I have a Frank Zane story to prove that, if needed.

I’m the opposite of you, my shoulder over power my arms so I wouldn’t be a good source for this advice. You will have to try a couple variations of targeting them until you find what works anyway. For me, improving arms, it’s a lot of slow eccentric combined with hitting them often. It also could be your pump is throwing things off a but depending on how you worked the surrounding muscle groups. That’s why I asked about that.

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oddly i would say my lats and shoulders are two of my stronger parts. have decent oh press and weighted pull ups but still seem to be less developed. i believe from my type of training over the last years. triceps being stronger as wel with weaker biceps. i have just recently started isolation training and will train these parts more so now

legs on a non raining day t


Nice solid leg development at this stage. Keep it up.

Incredible progress brother!! You’ve come such a long way! Probably due for a “diet break” for a few weeks before dropping calories gradually again.