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Tail Bone Pain while Squatting

I was wondering if anyone has experienced or knows anything about pain on the left side of the tailbone while squatting. Lastnight I was in middle of my 10x3 squats when I started feeling a sharp intermittent pain it seemed to go away after I was done squatting but reappeared when I went on to do goodmornings. Any thoughts?

i felt this when i first started full squatting but since then the feeling has gone away. I’m not sure what causes this but i would say to make sure you keep a tight core: abs, arched back, and tight glutes. Don’t relax at all throughout the motion. laters pk

I did have that during squats, and kind of ignored it, till it becamer eally bad and affected my back. Make sure your posture is correct, and its a good idea to get an X-ray.