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Tagan's Workout Log


Hi, I'm aiming to be good lean muscular beach guy like josef rakich or marc fitt.

Last time I was 182cm and 58kg, started gym in 2007 and gained alot of muscle and fats from 58kg to 74kg in 3 months. Gym on and off sometimes. Restarted in 2009, 2011 and now.

Now I'm 76kg at around 12% body fat (measured with caliper).

Starting weight of top few compounds
Squat: 80kg x 8 reps
Deadlift: 95kg x 6
Bench press: 67.5kg x 6
Overhead press: 47.5kg x 8
Rows: 92.5kg x 6
Chinup: BW+6.25kg x 7

My current workout

- Squat
- Deadlift or stiff legged deadlift
- lunges
- weighted crunches
- standing calf raise
- seated calf raise

- Bench press
- Rows
- Overhead press
- Weighted chin up
- Close grip bench press or skull crusher
- Bicep curl

All use 3x8-10. Calf use 3x12-15.

When hit max rep (10th rep for all except 15th for calf), increase weight.

Lower, upper, off, lower, upper, off, off.

I use fasted workout using BCAA and eat every 3 hours.

Tomorrow, I will start with Lower.


I stopped halfway during lower workout because I am not fully recovered from illness. I was sick last monday.


Squat 75kg x 8

Weighted crunches 10kg x 12



Bench press 65kg x 7

Rows 90kg x 9

Overhead press 45kg x 8

chinup bw+2.5kg x 9

skull crusher 25kg x 10

Bicep curl 35kg x 9