Tadalafil with Alcohol and Steroids

What’s up players

I am all for using the drugs we use, safely and with a focus on mitigating risk and focusing on our balance of longevity, aesthetics and performance

BUT, I have a really cute girl, free 20mg Tadalafil pills, and I am on cycle.

How bad would 20mg Tadalafil with a 2-3 straight drinks be?
Clinically things can mix badly, but in reality how much of a risk is this?

I am just curious about the Tada, I can easily skip it just more curious if anyone has experience?

(I am more worried about the booze + tada)

Shouldn’t be a huge problem, though with 20mg you should expect a headache. Half that much will do the job and your headache will be half as bad. Just keep the drinks to a minimum (2-3 is fine, but don’t go crazy) and you shouldn’t have any issues.

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20 mg shouldn’t be an issue. That’s what I take with no headache or anything. Personally, I would skip the booze. It will be better for sex if you did. If she wants to party let her but you stick to tonic or a soda and you will be better in the sack IMO.

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Booze makes me an endurance champ, but there is such a thing as too much of a good thing in this regard.

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Back in the day we used to go hard on weekends and take viagra on Friday to last the weekend. Still alive, so must’ve been ok


Is there any other way to take them?

The alcohol makes blood flow to the penis better but neurologically declines your performance,
As @mnben87 said, usually people can’t orgasm.

Tadafil at 5-10 mg will therefore do the job very well but you will get a bad flush and (as big @iron_yuppie) probably a headache as the vessels already dilate because of the alcohol.

I once drank 2 cocktails and took 5 mg and it was the best of both worlds.

Don’t worry because of the heart, that isn’t a problem if you don’t already have heart disease.

But No Nitroglycerin with Tadalafil!