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Tadalafil and Muscle Growth?

Apologies if not the right place to post this. My buddy told me tadalafil is good for promoting muscle growth; said it helped him gain 25 pounds in 3 months. Doing the research I could see how it would help. Has anyone noticed anything similar. Do you think it could give a boost for someone that has never done any cycle?

Negative. It’s good for a great pump and possibly stretching the fascia thereby. But no it does not directly promote muscle growth.

If it’s true then I got the wrong ones :joy:


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Ive been taking it for years and its only made one muscle grow for me and I’m good with that.


It don’t grow ur muscles but u get best pump of your life from it which results in muscle growth so it’s a loaded statement

hm, my friend was hyping it up big time, so you don’t think it would really offer any benefit?

Yeah… better erections, Lower BP, and wicked pumps. Direct growth… none. Possible indirect growth from pump related fascia stretching … very minimal.

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Does low does daily sildenifil (Viagra) do the same as taladafil in terms of vaso dialation, pumps and lowered BP? The taladafil is more expensive here In Australia, so was just curious as to how 5-10 mg of V would go for blood pressure and pumps?

Yes it does but it’s half life is 1/4 that of tadalafil so you would need to just time your dose.

Ok so sildenifil could be preworkout but taladafil will help with blood flow and possibly nutrient uptake? All day

As far as timing more or less.

Cheers mate

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Woot Australia Yeet!


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well giving it a go, seems like minimal side effects so worth the try. 10mg for 90 days, will report back if I notice any benefit

It’s beneficial I use it everyday