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Tadalafil 5mg for 9 weeks and Ridiculous Increase on Test


I’ve been reading this forum for some months so far and I’ve decided to jump in and share my results with tadalafil

First some background :
Male 37 years
Never used AS
Training for 15 years (more seriously, before I was hitting the gym very inconsistently )

I got a blood work done by the end of 2017 (I have to say here I was going through some stress because of work):

Test N/A
Free Test 2.84 ng/dl (EIA technique, it was in the mid-range )
Oestradiol 69.7 pg/ml
SHGB 81nmol/L
TSH 1.28 μU/mL

since then I’ve been doing the same, eating well training 5-6 days a week, and more or less 9 weeks ago I decided to try Tadalafil 5mg 5-6 days a week (just on training days) and these are the results of the bloodwork I got yesterday after one day without Tadalafil and no gym

Test (70.3 nmol/L) 2026 ng/dl
LH 3.71 IU/L
FSH 5.08 IU/L
Free Test (1.36 nmol/L) 39 ng/dl (calculated)
Oestradiol 45.5 pg/ml
SHGB 68.1 nmol/L
TSH 1.49 μU/mL

How is it possible that ridiculous testosterone increase??? any ideas? and why do I have the SHGB so high, also not sure if I’ve screwed it up with the conversion of the testosterone , the original is nmol/L


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Holy shit!!