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Tactical Strength Competitions

Does anyone here compete in TSC’s?

I am thinking of trying it for some change up.

I hope to compete in Mrach, if all goes well.

Sounds interesting. What movements/exercises are involved in a TSC?

TSC is max deadlift, max deadhang pullups (weighted pullups in the “Elite” category, I believe) and (I think, I may be wrong on this last one) one arm snatches with a 1.5 pood kettlebell for max reps in 5 minutes.

Ty you are correct on the events. It is a good way to test General Physical Preparedness. Can you lift a buddy in combat( deadlift ), can you throught yourself over a wall ( pull ups) and how much endurance do you have moving heavy weights, ie: running or carrying a heavy load.

Who runs these? Is there a website??


From their site it looks like something that would be fun. I can beat their elite pullup numbers easily, but I have never deadlifted :frowning: I don’t know about the snatches, I’ll have to give a go when I get home.

Nice find. I’ve never heard of this before. I’m heavily dominant on deadlifts compared to my other lifts. I really like the idea of weighted pullups to discourage mass monsters and snatches for endurance to bring in all weightclasses.

Looks like I’ve got 3 months to train for this.

I have competed in it a few times. It is a lot of fun and it is interesting to see over the years the progress you made. If anyone is interested in info on it or ideas on how to train for any of the events just PM me. Good luck to all who partake.

Stay Strong
Mike Hanley