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Tactical Fitness Training


Hey CT,

I'm Canadian Military. In the last few years, there seems to have been a huge shift towards "functional fitness" in the military. More and more members are moving to P90X, TRX suspension training, and most of all, Crossfit for there training. The Canadian military has even adopted crossfit as there recommended training regime of choice in their "Combat Fitness Program". I was just wondering what your thoughts are on programs like these for us individuals who need to be optimally prepared to deal with the rigors of being deployed?

Much of the controversy over crossfit I seem to hear is 1) improper rep ranges (especially for explosive power movements, leading to increase injury and 2) improper instruction of technique. What are your thoughts on crossfit as a means of overall fitness for individuals in tactical careers despite these issues?

Thanks CT


This is a blog maintained by Randy Hauer, my weightlifting coach and friend. This is a pretty good explanation of what Crossfit tries to accomplish.



You may want to check out militaryathlete.com. It utilizes some aspects of crossfit with a much neeeded sense of organization. Thank you for your service.