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Tactical Barbell Mass Protocol Results

I posted this in Reddit and thought I’d share with the troops on here.

The more on the Tactical Barbell the merrier

Mass Protocol Results

Lockdown 1 was a harsh bastard.

The lack of clarity with regards to what direction we where taking seeped into my lifting schedule.

This resulted in a 4/5 month hiatus which had a devastating effect on my fitness and physique.

Once lockdown 1 was over, I headed right into a calorie deficit and a 5/6 day lifting program with a shit ton of Airdyne fuelled cardio on top.

Unfortunately for me, this resulted in me becoming ‘skinny’ for the first time in my life.

I had lost a shit ton of muscle.

I resembled a 60 year old eunuch who had been OMADing on a fruitarian diet all his life.

This called for action.

I had rode the Tactical Barbell express a couple of years back. Base Building was my first venture into the murky waters and holy f%^k it was profound.

The cardio high and 3 x 50 week will stay with me for the rest of my days. It sent a shockwave through my body and a matrix like data dump into my brain.

Operator was the next port of call. I felt as fit as the proverbial fiddle.

Unfortunately Fuckarounditis kicked in and I moved on however it always remained lodged in the back of my training brain, waiting to be unleashed.

Fast forward to Jan 2021.

Light at the end of the Covid tunnel.

I wanted mass after my disastrous foray into getting back into ‘shape’

What better way that to utilise the book Tactical Barbell Mass Protocol which I had purchased a year ago, purely out of respect for the program and legendary mad scientist, K.Black


I decided to keep it super simple.

For a few reasons.

To minimise training stress and increase laser focus mainly.

General Mass was the desired choice.

The cluster was Safety Bar Squat, Bench Press and Weighted Chin.

Deadlift day consisted of RDLs.

I stuck rigidly to the set protocol. I wanted to make sure I remained true to the protocol.

No thrills.


I went with the recommended green protocol.

This consisted of 30 minute Airdyne rides. Heart rate was kept between 120-150 at all times.

This was the only phase where I deviated a little.

Every Sunday I would fire out a HIIT session, mainly a 10 miler done for time. This was mainly to scratch an itch more than anything.

Sorry K.Black. Sometimes you have to go rogue.

I kept the conditioning to 3 times a week.


Another slight deviation.

I used Carbon Diet to calculate macros and keep myself accountable.

I floated between 3200-3400kcals on a daily basis.

Mostly clean goods however due to peer pressure from the missus, the odd KFC and kebabs were consumed.

All meticulously tracked however. To the point of almost creating an eating disorder which I’m trying to shake. Calorie counting doesn’t sit right with me and this has affirmed it.


Went from 95kg for 1 to 105kg for 3 on the safety bar squat.

90kg for 2 to 95kg for 3 on the bench.

Could have easily pushed these harder I feel however I’m enjoying the slow approach. No rush. I’m in this for the long haul.

I also went from 70kg to 73.5kg in weight.

As you can see from the photos, fat gain appeared minimal.


This program blew my mind. It was simple, tough and unforgiving.

Minimal lift selection allowed me to channel rage into the exercises. It also cured the Fuckarounditis that has plagued me for years.

TBMP works. It works so hard. I love it.

I recommend it to anyone who just wants a solid program with no distractions, no shiny shit to lure them away and those who have a demanding schedule ie family, work


Outstanding write up dude! Loved following your log through the process. The hard work shows.


Awesome writeup and great results! I can’t wait to give TB Mass a try later in the year. Nice work, man.


@T3hPwnisher @antiquity

Cheers lads. Love the program. Need to get the word out there

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I actually meant to say mate that your write up of OP inspired me into action.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and all that

@antiquity mate you will blow the fuck up on this program. I know it. As would @kleinhound. Would be sick as fuck to see it unfold before my very eyes

I absolutely love TB. The flexible nature of it is what got me into lifting after a lot of paralysis by analysis and not wanting to follow the standard bench/squat/DL 5x5 beginner programs. I started with Operator (weighted chins, OHP, trap bar deadlift) and now I run Zulu (WCU, OHP, TBDL, front squat + bodyweight accessories and shoulder prehab) pretty much exclusively. I’ve only been doing the strength portion of it and haven’t done BB yet, but I’ll get around to it soon. I’m a little twink by the standards of this forum (5’8, usually around 150-155 lb), but TB got me to a decent level of strength for my size - currently 1x bw OHP, 2x bw WCU, 2.6x bw TBDL, which is just fine for my goals. I think if I went down the route of a standard 5x5 program and all the dogmatic “you MUST do the big 3”, I would’ve quit lifting long ago.


@ChongLordUno This interests me a lot. Do you have a training log somewhere on this site? I looked at several of the logs on the TB site, but the ones I saw weren’t really useful because they just referred to the names of the workouts they were doing (so I don’t really understand what the workout entailed). Couple of questions. Is the program flexible for the equipment you have? I have a fairly decent home gym put together, but I’m wondering if I’d need to buy a bunch of new goodies or if the program works within the restraints of what I have available. Also, how flexible are the exercise choices? I’m putting off having rotator cuff surgery as long as I can, and currently I can’t get my left arm back far enough to squat. Could I work around that and do front squats or something else instead. And finally, can I go straight to the Ageless Athlete book (I’m 48) or shoud I get the other books as well. Thanks for any feedback.


Yes @doogie mate.

My log is in the Training Log section

Fire in and have a read. It’s easy enough to find my man

We’re the same age, and I found Ageless Athlete very useful. It is not a standalone program or book, but a compliment to TB1 and TB2 and assumes you have these. It gives some ideas, tweaks, philosophy, and motivation to run and plan TB programs. If you’re interested, my results on the program are posted on my Training Log. The “before” pic is in the first post, and my recent progress from last week is in post 262. (I haven’t run TB Mass, but TB1, 2, using guidance from Ageless Athlete).

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Awesome. Thank you. I’ll order all 3 books.

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Well freaking done sir

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Go to physical therapy and fix this! I read a meta analysis on rotator cuff surgery. It seemed like surgery vs physical therapy was a 50/50 split in effectiveness.

I’ve had two shoulder surgeries and you come out of it with extreme limitations. It takes 4+ months to get back to normal. Could you achieve that with two months of consistent PT?

Just a little food for thought from a guy with a punch card at the orthopedic surgery center.

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I’ve had surgery on my other shoulder. That’s why I’m putting this one off. That sucked. I’ve got a decent tear in there, not sure if pt would help but I’ll try that before another surgery.