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Tactical Barbell Base Building/Operator/BDW



Feeling pretty drained this week. On a back shift week at work which is not helping

Workout is brief. I’m enjoying the change of pace and the variety.

Some of the reps are brutal.

Especially the mTor reppage. Ouch.

Had a 30 minute incline treadmill walk afterwards.

Had 4 saunas so far this week. Becoming addicted to them.


nice to see u are back!


Wait what, lateral raises with 25kg DB’s for 6 reps? Jeez you have some monstrous medial delts!


Hey, sorry to hear you got injured. I wish you all the best with your recovery. It’s good to see that you haven’t given up on training because of your injuries.

With that being said, I’ve just started a block of Tactical Barbell: Operator Template w/ deadlift, press, and chin-up clusters. I have the ebook, and I went with the option of using a TM (90% 1RM) for deadlift and press. I’m calculating my loads based off a TM of 345 in the deadlift and 120 for the press. How well will this template work, since my recovery is compromised by a lack of sleep (~5 hours per night) and occasional lack of food + manual labor (recently, I’ve been getting in around 140 g protein a day, and I weigh 190). I’m also including kettlebell swings as conditioning. Any tips you have on the matter would be appreciated.



Half the weight and that will give you the actual amount I’m lifting matey. It’s just the way I input it into my strong app


Mate, I’ll get back to you tonight when I’m on my laptop. Been busy as of late and have had to lay off log duties.

Still training like fuck though. Loving this BDW diversion👍


Template looks fine however how many sets of DL are you doing?

I’d recommend 1 work set only on lifting day to be honest.

I’d personally replace the DL with the front squat. That’s the ‘grunt’ template which a great one IMO.

Do you have TB2? That’s the best book out the two, there’s a lot more training gems in there

Are you running a BB block at any point?


Ah no worries, gotta keep ya honest :wink: haha


Here’s the exact template I’m doing:

I don’t have access to a squat rack, unfortunately, and the plates slide all over the place on my barbell (the barbell’s sleeves are too small for the plates, and I don’t have lock clips). That’s why I’m just running the template with OHP, Deadlift, and Chins until the summer time, when I can switch to the Zulu template with a bunch of major lifts + heavy conditioning.


Looks good to me mate. Just plow on and see what happens. Good to see you’re making do with what you have!

Keep me posted.


Getting on here and posting has become increasingly difficult as of late due to a whole ton of shit happening recently. The wee man has started Boxing and MMA classes so I’m shuttling him to and fro

Plus the sauna action has increased.

Throw in a 3 week shift pattern and logging has turned to shit…


Been grinding on with CT’s Best Damn program. Have been enjoying the change of pace and I feel my lower back is now recovering.

The front squats are pretty ‘worrying’ however rest of the program is OK.

Week long doms as well.

Been running IF over the last 2 weeks and have dropped the sugar. Have also ditched the coffee during my fasting breaks.

Hopefully lose a bit of chub before the Transformation challenge is up


Will do, I’ll tag you in my log.


Couple of progress pics…:

Been training 6x week courtesy of the BDW however work is starting to become a bitch so need to scale it down to a 4 x week split (U/L)

Important thing is that I have been consistent with lifting bar the odd few days break, mainly to injury

Dietwise, been following IF for the last month (16/8) with the protocol from the vertical diet.



DB 21s 3 x 21

Halved the weight on some of the isolation work, purely for my man @Irishman92

Been focusing on rep cadence as well.

Really hitting that eccentric hard. Definitely raises the intensity. Wide grip push ups were killer.


Haha cheers mate.

You are looking good man, sucks about work life but gotta keep the coin rolling in!


Need to get that front squat up. Last rep was tough on the 80 was tough.

Was fucked at the end of this. Haven’t done legs with this volume at all in 6-7 months.


The increase in volume over the last couple of days has wiped me out.

My arse cheeks are on fire thanks to those Bulgarians. They were done with both rear and front foot elevated for extra depth.

Doms aren’t too insane, more a feeling of lethargy. Probably down to the lack of kcals.


First lift was done with an 5 second eccentric.

Some arm pump at the end


First lifts done with 5 eccentric

Hard day today.

Dog ate something in the park and has been in the vets since. Woke up to a room full of dog shit and blood. Poor wee bastard can’t even hold down water…

They called today and said he’s deteriorating. Going to get away from work early today and see what the vet has to say.


How’s your pooch going mate?