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Straight after spin I had a workout.

Both sessions were performed fasted.

Training fasted has become a shit ton easier over the last few months.


Been using the BDW principles lately just going with how I feel on any given day.

I’ve lately been feeling a little out my comfort zone as I’ve started a new gym and the clientele is freaking me the fuck out

I feel old and disenfranchised to a certain degree.

Gym culture sickens me right now to be brutally honest.

Also been doing a lot of thinking about where I’m going with this shit again

I started this log with a clear aim in mind however I’m now off the path. I’ve went back to monotonous gym lifting and it’s doing nothing for me.

Having a child on the way has also made me re-evaluate things. I think that I’m going to go back to Tactical Barbell and run another base building block. It will likely be the most accessible option when my good woman pops this baby out.

Would be good to hear some input from folk as I have his feel I’m coming to a crossroads with my training.


Hey man - I apologize; I should have discovered your log a long time ago.

In your last post you were struggling a little, but it’s been a few weeks and you mentioned you found some PPL you like.

How’s it going? Back on track?


No worries mate. Thanks for popping in.

I was inspired by our last chat a while back regarding training on the fly and doing whatever you felt like on any given day…

At this point it’s all about taking the stress out of the whole process.

Not becoming locked into a rigid program and going into panic mode if I miss a lift or don’t get an extra rep.

If I want to go for a run, I go for a run.

If I want to cycle then I take a spin class.

If I want to hit 100 chins then GTF our the gym…

Just doing something and enjoying the process…

Regardless I’ve been hitting the cardio hard while lifting 4 times a week, following a push pull template.

Day 1 Push is mostly strength based whereas day 2 focuses more on myo reps/rest pause. Pull days follow the same format

It’s more a low volume approach, focusing more on intensity. I’m in the gym for 40 minutes at most.

I take 4/5 spin classes a week with the odd run thrown in.

Overall it’s a fun style of training and it fits into my lifestyle which as you can imagine, is pretty hectic at this point.

Physique goals are ticking along I suppose however have kind of took a back seat with regards to nutrition. Moving house has meant eating on the hop however the cardio has kept fat gain at bay.

Have been logging all my lifts on the Strong app so haven’t felt the need to log up on here.


That’s awesome and I’m glad to hear it.

I think there’s a lot to be said for just doing what you feel like - this is supposed to be enjoyable. And we all have real life stuff we have to do, so, like you said, getting too hung into a program isn’t realistic anyway. Although I have never, ever, felt like going on a run or doing 4 or 5 spin classes a week - good on ya!

You’re looking pretty lean! If all the cardio is doing that for you and you can be looser with your diet, I may need to switch things up! I hate being real strict on my diet and I am very willing to change my gym stuff around to being more cardio-based.


Cheers my man

Cardio has been a game changer for me over the last 2 years. More or less with regards to how it actually makes me feel…

Lifting makes you look good.

Cardio makes you feel good.

I love lifting and all however when do you actually feel the fruits of your labours? When you’re moving house or moving a cupboard from room to room? Big wow man!

Or when you’re getting those warm, fuzzy feels from admiring your physique?

I understand that I need the ‘look’ per say as I work in the fitness industry and I believe you need to look like you train however once I got that cardio ‘high’, I knew I was into something.

Rambling a bit now mate however I would strongly advise you work some cardio into your regime over the next few weeks.

Go for a 30 minute run. Forget about distance. Do it for time

Keep the HR between 130-150

Above 150? Slow down

Below 130? Speed up

Let your HR regulate your effort and intensity.

Let me know if you go for it mate. Would be good to hear!


Thanks for that. I definitely will up my cardio game.

I actually used to be (I love how all old dudes “used to be awesome,” and now I’m telling my own stories) really fit. We just had to be pretty high endurance for work.

I Definitely would like to feel more fit, I just need to get into it. Running is tough for me. I blame injuries, but it’s just as likely I suck at it because I don’t do it. To your point, if I just “move” for time it will probably take care of itself. I did a bunch of elliptical and things like that to lose weight, and hated it, but that’s because those things aren’t fun.

Sooooo - thanks for the advice and I’ll dig into it more! I’m going to google some old-man basketball leagues right now!