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Tactical Barbell Base Building/Operator/BDW



He’s back in action mate. He caught some shit called HGE. I also nearly caught an aneurysm when I was hit with the vet bill🙄


Progress pic from today

Leaning out a little due to a combo of IF and the vertical diet.

Workouts are all over the shop however I’m not pre occupied with following a program as such

Just training when I can

Some days I’ll go upper body, other days it will be ppl.

Whatever can fit around my life right now.

Haven’t been logging any workouts. Too ‘stressful’ if you catch my drift. Just trying to have fun in the gym.

No pressure. Just doing what I fancy


Oh well this log has kinda pooped out…

I’ve been training hard

6xweek PPL

Not focusing on strength at all. Been keeping the weights kinda light, more emphasising form and technique all the while utilising the rep techniques taken from the Best Damn Workout…

The workout are pretty painful. Lots of 5 second eccentrics in there.

I’m not logging shit! Just hitting the gym and doing whatever takes my fancy. Trying to aim for 6 sets minimum per bodypart every workout, frequency compensating for volume. Trying to have fun more than anything

Workouts aren’t lasting anymore than 1 hour

Have hit the vertical diet and fasting hard. Mostly 16/8 with a 24 hour fast thrown in once a month.

Will try and get some pictures up over the next few weeks


What I’ve been eating for the last month

4 egg omelette with cheese and 1 carrot

250g steak mince(tomatoes, oregano, mixed herbs, bell pepper, spinach) with a sweet potato

250g steak mince(same as above) with 2 servings of basmati rice, soaked in chicken stock

Lots of salt on my meals

Half tub of Greek yoghurt with frozen berries

2 Oranges

500ml - 1l of Kefir

5,000iu Vit D

2 cups of coffee

That’s pretty much it. I haven’t strayed at all. No sweets.

Haven’t had any heartburn as well.

Usually 5 days of 16/8 IF as well as the odd 24 hour fast thrown in


Training is chugging along nicely

Trying to hit 6 sets per bodypart per session

Still using rest pause and 4-5 second eccentrics. Supersets now and again.

Exercise selection depends on whatever tickles my fancy on the day.

Diet is 90% strict. ‘Cheat meal’(usually burger and fries) once a week/fortnight.

Not counting calories, preferring to fast. Have completed 2x24 hour fasts in the last two weeks.


Looking good man! What is the vertical diet?


I’ll ping you the details mate


Still grinding on, PPL style. Have worked out the last10 days straight and have 2 more planned in the following days, in anticipation of a 24 hour fast this weekend…

Progress simce the start of the thread.


Awesome work man. I actually stumbled on the Tactical Barbell program not too long ago and read it through. Definitely sparked my interest. Looks like a great way to blend strength and athleticism.

Great progress!


Cheers mate.

Yes it’s a great program. One of the best out there in my opinion.

I use the basic principles with most of the clients in my gym(folk looking to get fit) and it works really well, especially with regards to getting folk to run without overwhelming themselves.

You should definitely run a base building block at some point. You will not regret it!


Making really good progress. Good effort!


Thank you buddy. Appreciate it👍


good work!


Still here lads and lassies

Training has no set format as of late however here’s a weekly example…

Mon - push

Bench Press, work up to a set of 8. 5 second eccentric with 2 second pause. Last set is rest pause

Machine chest press, work up to set of 8. Don’t lockout, keeping tension on muscle, rest pause

DB Military Press, don’t let dbs past the ears, keeping tension on the muscle. Reps to failure

Lateral raises, 1 1/2 reps to failure

Tricep pushdown 100 reps

Double Tricep kickbacks, feel the burn baby :baby:

Tue - Pull

Close grip pull down, 5 sec eccentric, rest pause

Seated row, 5 sec eccentric, rest pause

Bicep curl, light weight, 100 reps

Wed - Legs

Goblet Squat, ramping up to sets of 8, slow grinding reps

Leg press

Glute Ham raise

100 walking lunges

Started instructing spin classes lately as well. My missus is pregnant so I’ve went into money making mode. More PT as well. Constantly on the go…

Still following vertical diet however have started counting calories. Been galvanised by the transformation challenge and want to take this cut further…

Also following 16/8 most days and throwing in a 24 hour fast twice a month.