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I aint got no God dman drinking problem, I just like to party. Everypne around here is too uptight

Last Tuesday we went out to the Taco Tuesday and had some Margaritas....I get a little tuned up on tequila shots then I go out to the parking lot to take me a piss

While Im out there I stole me a cop car....sprayed that son of a bitch yellow like it was a taxi...hell, I was rollin around the city all night pickin up tourists at the airport and takin them wherever the hell they had to go...for cash money. For an extra 25 dollars I let them turn on the siren and shoot street signs with a shotgun

I made 875 dollars that night

drinkin problem? Sounds like a goddamn money makin problem to me


Look at how good my dick looks in these leopard print pants. Anybody else would look like a complete homo...I on the other hand look like a guy that kicks ass, takes names, and gets handjobs from supermodels (which i wont name) while riding roller coasters and trippin on acid.

cuz thats the way I live my goddman life man

you know what I had for breakfast?

a goddman protein shake cut with 4 vicodin, 3 aderall, and a fifth of jim beam. I cant tell if this is real life or if Im a goddman cartoon

and to tell you the truth I dont give a damn either way

now lets go find a Kmart parkin lot to shoot some guns and do some donuts


So very confused.

I do know the cop car bit is B/S though, they have those son'bitches all low-jacked up.

Pull any stop signs out while you were at it? :smiley:


God I miss college.


They stops signs all ran away when they saw we were shooting at them. A few of them retracted into the ground.


What kind of pants did you have in college?


This is for you.


Usually blue jeans, some times I woke up to invisible pants, my personal fav.

I did wear tiger striped tights to a party once, they are one example of magical disappearing pants.

But a lot of pants disappeared that night and the stop signs.... those poor stop signs.


What movie is that from??


Ohhhhhh a quote game....


Taco taco!


Hahaha! I just love your drunken posts, Rock.


I'll be going through the Minneapolis airport next month and have heard of a good taco place called Maui Taco.


god...DAMN i like your style! I'm going to bedazzle a coffee mug in your honor!


um, wtf? lol


holy fuck hahahahahahahahaha


Did you wake up in invisible pants?


Like a boss!!


No man, my pants are invincible


only way to play


Drinking problem: