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Taco Eating Contest


I registered for a taco eating contest being held next Thursday ($200 prize), and I'm trying to figure out the best way to minimize the damage.

Ideally, the contest would have been held in the morning, but unfortunately it's at 6 pm. So I'm planning on going with a grueling full body workout beforehand, and have the tacos as my postworkout meal. Im also considering going low-carb the day before.

Any suggestions?


You are doomed


Dont eat the bun.


Are they hard or soft shell? Beef, chicken, pork? Any lettuce or tomato? Sour cream? Can you have some hot sauce on them?

Details man, details.........


Nah, don't worry about it. You would have to consistently eat like that to gain any appreciable fat. This sounds like just a one time thing so just enjoy yourself. You could do what you suggested also, either eat low carb the whole morning or just workout a couple of hours before and treat it as a post workout cheat.




Soft tacos, beef & chicken with lettuce, cheese and mild salsa. I have 20 minutes to eat as many as I can. Last year's winner won the competition with 22, so I'm aiming for 20.


Why not 23?


If I'm in that range, I have a great chance at winning the whole thing, or at least make the podium. 2nd place gets $100.


youre lucky youre not versing me, i would destroy you. i <3 mexican food.


Eat a HUGE meal in the morning to stretch your stomach out as much as possible. Then eat very little for the rest of the day before the contest.


Takeru Kobayashi is that Japanese competitive eater, here is a video of him and some training techniques:

Some of the things he does is to not chew and drink seltzer water to expand his stomach during the competition. Hope this helps and good luck!


Make sure to take some leucine before hand...Makes food more anabolic...hehe


does anyone knows how heavy are those curls and DB press? I mean if the Db at your gym are like that etc


Win and then buy some HOT-ROX extreme :slight_smile:


You mean, you're not supposed to eat 20 taco's post workout EVERY time? No wonder i'm bulking too much...


Seriously though, win and then run around the room till you puke or start dropping steamers.


Oh. That kind of taco. How disappointing.




Hate to admit it, but I was thinking the same thing.