Taco Bell

I was wondering if anyone had any information as to the protein quality of taco bell chicken softshells compared to a regular grilled chicken breast. I eat 3 of them every couple of days, the chicken, lettuce and chesse only. I throw the shells away.
What about the beef ones also? meat only

Fast food is crap!!!

Fast food is not crap. It is great for people like me who need over 4,000 calories a day just to maintain weight. I eat fast food once almost every day. I just make sure to get stuff with tons of meat (like a triple cheeseburger) and never get fries or soda. Without fast food (I don’t cook), I would have trouble gaining weight.

have you tried tacobell.com ? some posters must put a little effort into findings things before they post and expect others to do their work.

dude f*@#% taco smell your much better off going to burger king and get something like the tripple burger like was said…

whats wrong with eating a bunch of chicken taco’s? Theres a hell of alot less bad fat than a damn triple cheeseburger. Add some flax with it and i dont see a problem

the quality of the meat at Taco Bell is so bad that I think that is the reason why we dont have any here in montreal, Im not sure if this is totally correct but I have often heard that since Quebecs Laws on Meat grade (A,B,C…) are more strict Taco Bell can’t set up shop here

I thought his question was more the quality of the chicken than the actual protein %. What’s in the chicken? Beaks and claws are chicken but not good quality chicken.

Email tacobell-but it sure looks like regular chicken breast to me(just ate two chicken soft tacos). Its probably got tons of msg, etc, but no big deal(hey Id say its way better than the crap at BK)

disregard my post. misread the original. sorry.

Of course you can put on weight eating fast food, hell its the main reason 60% of americans are obese. let me ask you this, would you use a cheap protein powder or would you buck up and buy the good stuff. Fast food is crap, there is no way that you can sell 1/4 lb burger for under 3 bucks and make money unless you are usin bottom of the barel meat, fillers, and chemicals. The same goes for the “chicken” that these places use. I know because I am a chef. If you really want a burger call up your local tavern and order a real burger to go, it will cost you more but at least it will be made with real meat. If you still want to argue with me about this firat go out a buy a copy of the book “Fast Food Nation” by Eric Schlosser, or at the very least take a look at this article, heres the link : www.ericsecho.org/investigation2.html

Although I’ll occasionally eat fast food, I have to agree with KO and say that Eric Schlosser’s Fast Food Nation is a MUST read for any serious bodybuilder or athlete.

The website below has links to a number of national fast food chains, and the nutritional values for selected menu items at each:
Higher Education Support | McGraw Hill Higher Education nutrition/foodworks/sites.mhtml

Yes! Eric Shlosser’s “Fast Food Nation” is an excellent book! And justifies all my reasons for not eating at these joints - I hated McD when I was a kid and I hated that crap as an adult. The last time I stepped in a fast food place was for coffee, and that was in 1985. People you come to T-Mag for the type of information that you cannot get from the usual muscle rags - in other words, you want the good stuff - the stuff that works. Okay and now you’re saying you eat fast food? Uh, I don’t like that crap or eat that crap because I DESERVE better. Aspire to be better in the gym and out - nutrition included.

I should clarify my earlier post. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that fast food isn’t crap, because in terms of quality nutrients it is. However, without it I would have a lot of trouble gaining weight. I am a typical ectomorph with an extremely fast metabolism, so fast food doesn’t make me fat. Also, I always check the nutrition info online and get the food that is at least the lesser of the evils. I don’t eat fries, I don’t drink soda, I just use fast food to catch up on calories for the most part. The rest of my meals are pretty clean. If I remember correctly, there is an article that suggests foods like burgers and pizza for skinny bastards like me.

Besides using subpar ingredients, fast food is full of TFAs (partially hydrogenated oils). I recently looked at the nutritional info for McDonalds, and there was not one menu item, except for soda, that did not include TFAs. Why work so hard if you’re going to guck up your body with that shit?

Another thing to think about is this: McD spends more money on the packaging than on the food in that packaging. Nice thought, huh? If I want a hamburger, we either make 'em at home or go to a place that makes them really big and juicy burgers - there’s a place here in Portland that makes these HUGE double beef versions w/peanut butter spread on the buns. Hmmmmm, NOW them are burgers…

I am in the same boat. It is a pain in the ass to eat 4000 cal. a day but eating fast food will not help you, and there is no good food on the menu. I wonder how many of the chemicals they use are anti-testosterone. I know that soy is often used as a filler. Instead of going to those places go to an upscale deli and get a real sandwich. Or even better yet make your own. You said you don’t cook but you can at least pan fry a chicken breast, or even make your own burgers. Better than eating garbage and potentially exposing yourself to disease and nasty chemicals.

You eat the buns? :wink:

As a student, I have to get “fast food” all the time from the dining hall. I usually grab the chicken sandwiches (they’re probably the lowest quality breasts they can buy), and just eat the meat. Every once in awhile I have some chicken fingers (I’m weak). But hey, that’s the best I can do. I eat fruit and chicken, and the only alternative is to give up the $900 a semester that the meal plan costs.

Ever heard of Chick-fil-A? I know they dont have them everywhere, but they are extremly popular down south and are in plenty of malls around here. I live in Jersey. The chicken used for their sandwiches are 100% white meat breast of chicken…very high quality stuff. Quality aside, it’s the best tasting fast food that there is. If you are on the run, and there is a Chick-fil-A around, do not hesitate to stop…get the chargrilled chicken deluxe sandwich and lose the bun. Or if your in a rush for a quick protein plus fat meal then get the regular chickfila sandwhich, 30 grams of Protein and 9 grams of fat. Hell, get two! at least they fry it in 100% peanut oil, not 100% TFA’s. I"m not saying do this everyday, but it is certainly a high quality protein source if you gotta eat fast food on the run, and if you get the grilled chicken then you can just add your own fat.