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Taco Bell Healthier Than McD/BK?


I had to post this, I think it's absolutely ridiculous.

I'm a college student and was walking back from class this afternoon with some buddies. We walked through the union (in our union the food is all shit! burger king and taco etc). They wanted to get some food at taco bell and I said how can you guys eat that shit! my buddy replies: "dude its healthier for you than mcdonalds or bk."

How hilarious is that...i think this proves how stupid the average american is concerning nutrition. Oh yeah, there were about 30-35 other people waiting in line for a "healthier meal" at our express T-Bell.


Your college buddies are what qualify as average Americans, hm?


College students eat like crap. Stop rocking the boat.

In all seriousness, I consider Taco Bell the worst...but I would never act like I never eat there or try to force my own choices for food intake on someone I was friend's with unless they asked me for help on that issue. Then again, the only way I would just totally avoid food like that is if dieting so I don't get what the big deal is anyway. As long as it isn't every single day, lighten up.


Isn't a plain bean burrito better than a hamburger?






It depends on what better is. It has less fat than a burger and less saturated fat but it has higher trans fat.

It has less protein than a burger.

It has more carbs than a burger and significantly more fiber.

More total calorie than a burger.

I would say they are similar. Neither is exactly health food.


I remember when they made the taco shells with ingredients that were put in dog food.


...and what's wrong with dog food?


So, have you eaten dog food?


Yeah, that Iams shit is pretty good.


I actually have to agree with those guys. Most foods available at Taco Bell are better for you than most foods at McDonalds, with the exception of the large nachos and stuffed burritos. Just read the nutrition info available at their websites. Three soft shell chicken tacos and a drink are way way better for you than a big mac, fries and a drink. Just hold off on the sour cream.

The real problem is, neither are that great for you to begin with and it's easy to lose control of portion at Taco Bell.


LOL... dog food is probably better for you than fast food. :^D


What did that prove? I would rather have a food that is 24% fat than 39% fat, regardless of the calories. Especially when we're talking saturated fat.


You haven't?


I did notice your coat has a healthy shine to it.


Thank you. My teeth are whiter than normal too.


It proved that a bean burrito isn't "better" than a hamburger. If you look at 1.5 fewer grams of saturated fat as being reason enough to declare one superior to the other, knock yourself out. To me, they're equally awful.


I agree it's just the lesser of two evils.

Points taken.


1% better is better. If you absolutely had to choose between Burger King and Taco Bell (hypothetically of course, given the only other option would be to not eat) and could eat something 1% better for, wouldn't you be at least 1% better off?

If you read my post from earler I already acknowledged that it was all bad for you. That wasn't really the point of this thread though.


How the heck do you think he got to 280 pounds? :slightly_smiling: