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Tacky For Stones

Was wondering where the best place (and cheapest) to buy tacky from was. I would like to try the Rehband, have tried Elite in the past.

Also, does anyone know the best way to remove tacky after you’re done? We’ve tried different solvents and scrubs, just wondering what everyone else has tried and what works.


You should have just emailed me or Josh. Haha!

Click the link on nastrongman for tacky. It says “Tacky is here” and they have Elite in both sizes and Rehband generic in both sizes.

The best way to remove tacky I have found is super secret and I’m currently in the process of developing a patent-pending tacky removal formula. Okay, okay, just buy some De-Solv-it spray and thoroughly apply it and take a small towel and rub it off. Voila! I should contact the company to see if they will sponsor the contest since they are based in Gilbert.

Yeah, I know, I think Josh does more shopping online than I do and if you ask my fiance… he’ll tell you that’s hard to beat!

Thanks for the input, you’re the best :slight_smile:

WD40 or baby oil work well for removing tacky. If you don’t wear any protection on your arms when lifting the stones, you’ll likely take a bit of a beating (don’t worry, it’s good for you). Since you’ll have open wounds I think the baby oil might be the better route to take.




We wear elbow sleeves so I’m pretty much covered. Where in WI are you from? I’m originally from Kenosha/Racine area

Elite tacky is the best, hands down. For tacky removal I’ve been using WD40 but it doesn’t work as well for the Elite Tacky. Someone had some Goo-Gone at my contest last weekend and that stuff worked very, very well.

Once you go De-solv-it, you never go back. Seriously, baby oil sucks now that I’ve used that.

I’ve taken it to the last two contests and many competitors have used it, liked it, and asked where they could get it.

And here in AZ we train stones outside in dirt (with mats) and always getting gravel and bits of rock stuck on our hands, which makes it harder to clean up. I had to find something that worked well.

Just throwing a plug for a friend of a friend.


Go to “Buy Tacky Online”.

Your friends site is pretty cool! Thanks for sending along the info :slight_smile:

[quote]Hot AZ wrote:

We wear elbow sleeves so I’m pretty much covered. Where in WI are you from? I’m originally from Kenosha/Racine area[/quote]

I’m in Hartland, WI. It is just northwest of Waukesha.

The Desolvit stuff someone mentioned I’ve heard from others is very good, though I’ve never had the chance to give it a try.



They make the De-Solv-It here in AZ. It works GREAT! I’m wondering if its the orange extract in it that makes it work? I bought some other orange based degreaser to see if that works too.

Don’t try to figure out the magic behind the superior product that is De-solv-it. It’s top secret and patent pending and I like to take baths in it after stones.


You’re crazy but it’s all good.

Hot AZ

I heard Pine sol works great. I haven’t tried it but That is what I heard. And it very festive this time a year to smell like a pine tree.