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Tackling Starting Strenght


Same I should have picked classes 5 months of go, just doing it now.


Some days just don’t go well.

170x5x1 170x4x1 170x3x1
295x5x1 330x1x2

Skin is gone, i think i am going to get gloves to let them heal.


Squat 295x(5/4/3) OHP 125x4 120x4 120x3 Clean 155x5x3


Have not made good progress, so i think i really need to look at where i am messing up. Most likely the 5 hours a sleep or maybe not enough food.

Changed my squat, I’ll have a video up later but of course the weight went down, but i think the form is a lot better.

Last work out

Squat 255x5x3
Bench Press 175x5x3
Deadlift 305x3x1


Squat 265x5x3 OHP 115x5x3 Power Clean 145x5x3


Bench Press 185 4,4,4 180 3
DeadLift 350 1,2,1,1,1 315 2


Bench press 155x6x4
Overhead press 100x6x4
Dips 50 reps

Db BOR 70x8x4
BB Bor 105x6x4
Cable rows to neck 110x8x4
Medly rows 50x6x4
Pullup/chin ups 20


Squat 310x5x3 Ohp 125x4 cracked something in my upper back 115x5x2 power clean 135x3x5



I would save the extra food for when you start to plateau. Most of your initial gains will be CNS and you won’t need to be in surplus.

Good luck, in for the follow.


That was 7 years ago I am not running starting strength anymore.


I thought I had scrolled to the bottom, my apologies for not noticing the dates.

Feel like a loser.


It is all good I did necro a really old thread


Sunday I did way too much volume and now I feel burnt out.
Ohp 115x3x2 95x4 70x8x2 75x8 80x5x2 135x1x3
PP 135x3 135x1 wasn’t feeling this movement.
Behind the neck press. 45x12x4
Seated MP 45x8 75x8x4
Side raisers 5x12x4
(FR 5x12x2 10x2x12
RD 30x10 40x10(lw) 30x15 30x5
Face pull 30x15(rw) 40x12x4
Cable rear delt work 15x10(lw) 10x12x4

Body weight lunges, squats, pull ups and push ups (??x??)
Sled 4 plates 4X30 feet

Shrugs 224x12x4 295x8x2 355x4x2
Deadlift shrugs for grip work, not touching the floor every rep 225x12x4
Sumo Deadlift for form. 225x12x3
Wrist curls 25x12x4
Leg raisers 12x4
Farmer walks 500 failed twice could pick it up but wasn’t able to balance.
405x20 feet (??)x5
Axel press 140 failed to balance bar and almost turned my body into a U
Med ball press (super fun) 100x5x3
Suit case deadlifts 145x5x3

Notes too much volume and now I feel like overcooked steak. Never do this again and now I need lots of rest.