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Tackling Starting Strenght


Same I should have picked classes 5 months of go, just doing it now.


Some days just don't go well.

170x5x1 170x4x1 170x3x1
295x5x1 330x1x2

Skin is gone, i think i am going to get gloves to let them heal.


Squat 295x(5/4/3) OHP 125x4 120x4 120x3 Clean 155x5x3


Have not made good progress, so i think i really need to look at where i am messing up. Most likely the 5 hours a sleep or maybe not enough food.

Changed my squat, I'll have a video up later but of course the weight went down, but i think the form is a lot better.

Last work out

Squat 255x5x3
Bench Press 175x5x3
Deadlift 305x3x1


Squat 265x5x3 OHP 115x5x3 Power Clean 145x5x3


Bench Press 185 4,4,4 180 3
DeadLift 350 1,2,1,1,1 315 2


Bench press 155x6x4
Overhead press 100x6x4
Dips 50 reps

Db BOR 70x8x4
BB Bor 105x6x4
Cable rows to neck 110x8x4
Medly rows 50x6x4
Pullup/chin ups 20


Squat 310x5x3 Ohp 125x4 cracked something in my upper back 115x5x2 power clean 135x3x5