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Tackling Starting Strenght


Age 20
Gender Male
Level: beginner
Weight & Height:160, 5'9"

RP Dead lift:325 lbs Bench:?? Squat:??

Text wall
At the age of 10 I was 155 pounds after 5 years of doing little to no physical activity I quickly jumped up to 210. At the age of 16 i got sick of everything and in 6 months through 2 hours of walking, 1 hour of weight training i dropped 75 pounds. At that time I weighted 145 and had a stomach pouch, a crap ton of body hair and low confidences. Four years later while leaner I am not much stronger, which is really pathetic, still just as if not more hairy, but i do have confidences. I no longer think the hot abz are needed to be happy, i want to get stronger especially now that my collar bone is healed.

I plan on using Ripptoes's Starting Strength for two months and eating as much as can be tolerated.

Day one Weight/reps/sets
Squat 45x5x2
230x5x3 (with each preceding set i was more winded)

Press 45x5x2
95x5x3 (Felt some stiffness in my shoulder)

Cleans 45x3x2
95x3x5 (still need to get the catching of the bar)

In 2 Months I will post pictures and will put videos up when i can. Time to study for a final.


Broken collar bone and scapula. (Have no idea how to post multiple picture.)


Stretch marks.


First day of work was fun. Then i got some Tex-Mex and then i went to the gym.

Squat 45x5x2
235x5x3 Never going to wear jeans to squat again.

Bench 45x5x2

Dead lift 135x5x1


Squats 45x5x1 95x5x1 135x5x1 185x5x1 225x5x1 240x5x3 /not easy.
Standing Press 100x5x3 /shoulder is feeling weird but other wise good.
Power Clean 45x5x1 105x5x3 /need better form.


Every time i train i feel like time freezes.

Squats 45x5x1 95x5x1 135x5x1 185x5x1 225x3x1 245x5x3
Bench 45x5x1 95x5x1 150x5x3
Dead lift I cut my warm up short because i was afraid of ripping off too much skin.
135x5x1 185x5x1 235x5x1 255x5x1 285x5x1

I guess I'll do a little squat rack curls rant. I do not care how people train as long as they do not risk hurting me and or the equipment. I got on the bench and started to warm up as some guy walked out of the power rack to squat 145. I told him it would be safer to squat in the squat rack where he would not have to walk back 6 feet (and was just at the right height to fall back and land on my foot or worse). He refused and i got up and went to another bench. So i really have nothing to complain about and if i wasn't to lazy i might delete what i wrote.




Got my first pay check it's nice not to have to work under the table so to speak.

I do not understand why is it that diversity is something to make fun of people need to hop off and start living their own life's instead of judging others. Enough bitching going bogey.

Squat 45x5x1 135x5x1 185x5x1 225x5x1 250x5x3(I have a video but it's just my ass and the bar going up and down. But i will learn how to take a good video one day.)

Over Head Press 105x5x3 not easy needed some rest in between sets.

Power cleans 45x5x1 135x1x1 (my form blows.) 115x5x3 (I need to either stop cleaning or learn how to, chances are that neither of those things are going to happen any time soon).


I see that i have a few views so i would like to get something off my chest. If any of you can take anything away from my log (besides the fact i am weak) is that life can suck hairy jagged balls. I know a lot of people who have been abandoned by parents, been kidnapped, been raped, drug addicts and all kinds of crap. It is easy to belittle, berate and kick someone while they are on the floor. Fuck that, try to smile at someone who is having a crappy day, tell a joke, something to make someone smile. It doesn't take much to help someone, so i hope some of you will or do that.

Horrible head pain and felt like throwing up.
Squat 45x5x1 135x5x1 185x5x2 235x3x1 255x5x3
Bench Press 45x5x1 135x3x1 155x5x3
Dead Lift 135x5x1 185x5x1 235x3x1 275x2x1 300x5x1


Squats 45x5x2 135x5x1 185x5x1 235x3x1 245x3x1 260x5x3
OHP 45x5x1 110x5x3 (not easy, almost missed the last rep or the last set.)
PC 45x3x1 95x3x2 135x3x4


I have video's going to put them up. But today sucked. 90 degrees in the gym , ate rotting meat for lunch which gave me gas, but worst of all i failed the dead lift.

Squat (warm up) 265x5x3 might have to lower weight, after video taping my self i think i need to dip lower.
Bench (warm up) 160x6x3 form is bad need help
Dead lift (warm up) 315x3x1 i just couldn't lift after 3, quite pissed at this failure.


Need to go deeper, wish i had a training partner.


Trying to post video again.


Long week.
Warmed up for all of them.
Squat 270x5x3
Overhead Press 115x4x1 110x5x1 105x5x1
PC 135x3x5


The logs that impress me the most on here are the ones that show great progress. You are in the perfect position to do just that. I wish I had the resources of T-Nation when I was starting out. Keep it up man.


mkral55: Being honest with myself I am having a lot of mental problems when trying anything new. I am afraid to fail and because of that i do fail. I do not think i will be able to make great progress without overcoming that first in and out of the gym.

Thank you for the support.

Squats 275x1x2 hip felt weird so i racked the weight and the second time I thought i wasn't going to make it.

Bench 165x5x3

Dead lift 315x1x2 315x3x1 At the gym i though of it as a total failure, but i did get 2 more reps in and this time i did it much faster.


Was sick in the morning and then after work was feeling much better.

Squat 280x5x3
O.H.P. 115x5x3 I thought i wasn't going to be able to do it, that was a nice surprise.
P.C. 140x3x5 still hate these.


Keep in mind, the fact that you are in the gym consistently at all, and doing real compound lifts, puts you head and shoulders above the average person by default, imo. It's easy to look at a 500 pound bencher and think "Fuck.. I am weak as hell..." But the fact is benching 200 pounds is probly 50% stronger than the average male.


Monday squat 285x4x3 B.P. 170x5x2 170x2x1 Deadlift 315x5x1

Today Squat 285x5x3 OHP 120x5x3 PC 145x3x5

mkral55: When i mean weak i do not only mean physical weak. Today i did not want to do Power clean, i kept making excuses. I do not have time, my form is bad and so on. But then i realized the moment i did not have one good reason, but a bunch of them i was making excuse to do something easier.

But you are right, but to mean it doesn't mean much compare. I work out not only to become physically stronger but to over come the mental weaknesses i have developed.


I hear ya there too. Outside of the gym or being clocked in at a paid job, I am one extremely lazy bastard.