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Taboo Bodybuilding?


Just saw a commercial for a new series called "Taboo", using a lot of quick cuts ("teaser" shots) showing "shocking" representations of odd cultural practices worldwide. One of the cuts showed a lat-spread lineup of massive BB'ers, one of which was Ron Coleman (Olympia?)...So I guess that National Geographic (I don't get that channel, so will not be able to actually watch the series) has officially dubbed pro bodybuilding as a "taboo" practice....


I watched that episode, hoping for something cool, but it turned out that segment was about male implants and how they are taboo in the bodybuilding world. The mention one model who got pec implants, and then they show a very gay guy who gets ass implants. The show takes the spin "It makes you look good, so why is it wrong?"

I tried to find it on youtube for you, but it's not listed.


They also did another taboo episode on female bodybuilders. let's face it though bodybuilding, at least to the extremes that pros grow to, is pretty much taboo.


Maybe it isnt wrong really, but there's something about fake and non functional i dont like. A hairpiece, for instance, is fine as it really is about appearance and doesnt suggest a capability that isnt there but pec implants will get found out in performance terms when under the bar (or just doing press ups).

Still, i cant get that indignant over it - just seems to phony for my liking.


I saw a dude get calf implants on MTV True Life...he was a pretty small dude too if I recall correctly. "Only my calves won't grow and I'm self-conscious in the gym!"


Bodybuilding, to an extreme level is generall viewed by the general public as sort of a freak show.

As much as folks around here accept it, it's not a mainstream sport for a reason.



here's one of those videos incase you want to see it


That was one of the funniest hour of tv I have ever watched, the guy was a retard.

After the implants his calves where still only 16" or so.....