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Tablet Size


I am very confused as to why I can swallow two or three normal size capsules (ie old Alpha Male) at a time but I cant even swallow one new Alpha Male or Spike capsule without it getting stuck in my throat. I need to cut it in half length ways to get it down.

Any suggestions?


Get bigger.


Don't be such a skirt?


Prof X, I am doing quite well at getting bigger at the moment, but I havent been able to find an exercise that will make my throat bigger, any suggestions?

So I am a skirt because of this Analog? Are you possibly having a bad day because you still didnt manage to lose your virginity this weekend so you need to make a random insult?


A pill cutter and a glass of water. They sell them at Walmart, I'm sure.

The pill cutters, not full glasses of water. I am sure they will one day though...buy one get one half off.


For the love of...it was a joke! Settle...

(And would it kill you to use an apostrophe every now and then?)


Thats fine I didnt realise that I couldnt or didnt or possible just wouldnt use apostrophes properly. I cant promise that I will fix the issue, but I cant see any reason why I wouldnt or cant try and improve.

Joke accepted. You have to understand that it is Monday morning here and I hadn't had a coffee yet.