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Tablet PC's?


Does anyone here have a tablet PC, or know about them??

How do you like it and what are the best kind? Are there any drawbacks to having them...?

Stable platform?

Are there any Mac alternatives?

I need it for school and work, most important thing for me is probably battery life, note taking, some video editing and using it for presentations more than likely utilizing powerpoint and excel.

For fun purposes I'll probably watch movies on it and play video games that dont require much processing ability. Maybe a cracked version of Halo but nothing on the level of like Counter strike or something.

Definitely needs to have an internal wireless card, thats just a must.

Hope someone can point me in the right direction!



If you go with a tablet, make sure it converts to a laptop with a keyboard. w/o the keyboard it's pretty lame and limiting.

Otherwise...they are more expensive and not worth it. I have LOTS of experience on this one.

Why a tablet? It is a less functional mobile PC....except for the pen part, which only works well if you are doing field data entry from table code selections.


most of my classes require that I write down math equations... the one's that don't use powerpoint slides... it would be nice to be able to write the computations down and save them or be able to write notes directly on the powerpoints

And yes for my job I'll be doing quite a bit of field data entry.

Plus it's a write-off for me


Get an I-Mate JasJar instead, pocket pc with proper keyboard. Also has powerpoint etc etc


I may be a little off, since my experience with tablet PC hardware/software is pretty lacking(none of my clients have bought any), but what about a USB tablet and one of the new dual core laptops?


Dual Core Notebook:


Wow, think I'm going to get the Jasjar and like a small powerbook or something.

thanks guys


That was a quick decision.