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[quote]big nurse wrote:
As far as i can see it the tabata protocol is very specific i.e 20 seconds flat out/max effort work followed by 10 seconds rest-just repeated 8 times.

Not supposed to matter what exercise although i do find that anything that needs perfect form needs the weight dropping way back.

The routine quoted earlier ie 60 seconds isn’t a tabata–i have called it called ‘stappers’ ie workload over 1 minute.

Tabatas done to protocol are absolutely murderous due to the high lactate production and oxygen debt build up.[/quote]

When it comes to Tabatas, form in whatever it is you’re doing usually goes to shit.

One of the benefits of front squats, burpees, or DB squat presses is that they’re pretty foregiving to crap form and/or dumping the resistance if you’ve overloaded.

I’ll go light when doing any weighted Tabata or complex sets. < 100# for squats, 30-40# DBs if doing complexes. These are cardio / energy systems work, not strength training.

Once you’re decent on the erg (not a small thing in itself), one advantage is that you can ramp up power a lot while still maintaining pretty good form. I can go from well under 100W output to nearly 800W (very briefly) without putting myself in harm’s way.

Is Tabata something that is meant to be done at the end of a workout or as a four minute workout in and of itself? Also, can anyone comment on the fat-loss benefits of Tabata as compared to standard HIIT training or fasted cardio?

I did Tabata today on an old school rowing type machine and it killed me. Made me wonder though, why is Tabata 8 sets? Would doing more yield greater results, or would it be pointless?

Not to say Dan John is the authority on Tabata, but he did update the protocol last month