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Tabata with Abs Exercises?


I dont mean crunches, cos its a small movement, but can any other Abs workout be utilized in the Tabata protocol?



tabata is for full body movements. its a conditioning exercise, why would you isolate muscles for it? its imsply doesnt make sense.


this guy has been starting the most ridiculous threads


Trying Tabata with abs is possibly the most painful idea ever


Tabata Knees to Elbows is one I would try.


To make it interesting, don't let go of bar and hang for at least 4 minutes.


How about Fartlek training with calves? Genius/


Theres only one way to find out and try it for yourself. As a previous post mentioned tabata best works for compound exercises but theres no rule to not try it for isolated exercises. i find taking no rest between ab exercises to be effective but tabata might be a gd training method for abs. as i said try it and if it works then use it, if it doesnt dont.


talk about needed grip strength


NO! Tabata is NOT just 8 x 20 seconds on, 10 seconds off of just any old horse piss exercise! It's 8 x 20 seconds of EXTREMELY HIGH INTENSITY exercise (if i remember correctly, 170% vo2 max) followed by 10 seconds of rest. If you can get your heart rate that high with any abdominal exercise I suggest you ask a doctor about heart attack medication.

By the way, can I assume from this question regarding combining abs and fat loss training that you think you can reduce the size of your gut with abs exercises?


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pretty sure the OP was hoping we'd confirm that "tabata abs" would be the hands-down fastest road to a legit washboard...

This is almost always good advice.

But in this particular case, I think we've found an exception to that rule


You are 100% right, but I think somewhere along the road the word took on a new meaning and is often used to refer to the specific work/rest interval and nothing more. Now that such a protocol has made it's way into the weight room, it's definition has more or less become contextual. It is good for people to at least be aware of what you just pointed out though...as well as the fact that they don't HAVE TO stick to exactly 8 rounds of 20/10, but could experiment with other type of intervals in the weight room.


OP: I recommend balls to the wall Tabatas on the airdyne bike for "abzz."


There really is specific protocal for Tabata. Abdominal exercises simply won't comply. That is not to say that interval work for abs is not an effective approach. It has been used for many years......usually at the end of the step aerobics class! LOL......just kidding.


Talking of step aerobics, I once saw a guy in one with one of those colourful body-pump barbells, trying to do the moves and reps with the bar at the same time. I don't know exactly what he was trying to achieve but I really don't think it was safe, if I was the teacher I would not have let him do that, for both safety reasons and to save him from looking like such a retard!