Tabata vs. Standard HIIT

So im about to start a cut and want to include some form of hiit to compliment my 5 day split. In your opinions which would be better to utilize during this time, Tabata (possibly on a bike) or a 25-30 min interval with a 30 sec :2 mins ratio? Or is the room for both on a cut?

Mix it up.

may i offer some results in research:
for fat loss a tested protocol on a bike is actually a little different than the formal tabata (which is hard to do without a lot of measuring of power and cadence)

either 8sec on HARD 12 off or 24 on 36 off for 20mins
more here on the protocol

and for non hiit days (so you don’t toast your cns pending your other workout volume) how to optimize regular cardio on a bike

otherwise, swinging a kettlebell for 8 on 12 off is pretty awesome


MC those are some great articles right there. Very good read and the research to back it up.