Tabata Protocol: Sprinting vs. Mountain Climbers

Hey! With winter here, the roads are icy, so it’s hard to sprint on them. I was thinking of just switching to mountain climbers when I do Tabata protocol. I just want to know using mountain climbers is less efficient at burning fat than sprinting during the Tabata protocol. Any answers would be appreciated!

If you do em hard enough that could be a great workout. Burpees might be even better though. just saying…

Do it on a bike.

HIGHLY less effective than sprinting. sprinting is a real total body killer, mountain climbers aren’t all that difficult in my opinion. I’d agree, i’d go with burpees (jump squats with a pushup at the bottom), OR Jumping jacks both top and front claps. Also, shadow boxing, provided you know what you’re doing is pretty awesome.

I actually created an account to share this with you. I do Tabata sprints on the tredmill when the weather sucks too bad to run outside in FL. Set the incline to 9 and the speed to 9 and proceed with the normal 20/10 interval.

If that’s to steep or fast bring it down to 8 and 8, (10 and 10 to make it more painful or any combination you want). Do 8 rounds, 12, 52 or however many you can until you’re too gassed to maintain the Tabata interval. These are easily just as taxing as sprints. Enjoy.