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Tabata MP3's...


Anyone have any Tabata MP3's? Any links I've been able to find online are old/dead including the ones here on T. I know they're out there somewhere. Hook a brother up!!!






if that doesn't work, hit me up with a PM, I've got one saved somewhere on my harddrive.


here's the file on yousendit:


You could record your own, just get a microphone attached to your PC and scream GO......STOP......GO at appropriate intervals.
You could add music, or scream motivational abuse at yourself...


I've got a few set to music as well if anyone wants it...

Thanks for loading the file online troumagnet.


Yeah i just make my own. My first was just beeps indicating start and stop times. I've also toyed with the idea of using music for 20 seconds and then silence for 10 seconds. I just grab some mp3s, edit them with goldwave and re-encode to mp3.