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Tabata Method, Crossfit Training?

What do you guys think of the Tabata Method and all of those Crossfit trainings??

I don’t know about tabata but crossfit is a good conditioning workout, but imo won’t build you much muscle mass. I incorporate crossfit style workouts for myself from time to time, but not for every workout.

Maybe post this in “Beginners” or so “Strength Sports”(dunno here), rather than “Bodybuilding”.

I’d imagine that people there know more about this kind of stuff/use it in their training

Excellent for conditioning / GPP.

Not to be used for bodybuilding purposes, i.e. building muscle, but it is second to none for conditioning.

A lot of people on the CF site are finally realizing that more emphasis needs to be given to improving maximal strength and muscle mass. There are some good threads on the crossfit forums on hybrid programs that incorporate CF-style conditioning but utilize less random strength training protocols.


good for fat loss, thats about it.