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Tabata / Meltdown

can the tabata method of exercising be used to the same means as don alessi’s meltdown training? also, if it can be, which exercise can best be used with tabata to lower the body fat concentratiion in my stomach?

I can’t speak for how Tabata compares to Meltdown and whether it serves the same purpose but I believe the tabata protocol is effective. You still have watch what you eat though no matter what. Try Front Squats as Dan John recommends or do the protocol on a bike, with a jumprope, using a heavy bag, thrusters with dumbells(see Crossfit’s website for these), running, etc. It has really improved my fitness in the past and together with a good strength training program can help you lose fat. It isn’t magic though. You need a base of conditioning or you won’t be able to do it with intensity. My thoughts anyway.