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Tabata Interval Timer

Anyone have a recommendation for an interval timer for rounds of tabata intervals? I’ve been looking around on-line and what I’ve found either hasn’t fit the bill or has been some $400 piece of boxing or football equipment.

I’d like to find something I could set for alternating 20/10 second intervals for a block of intervals, followed by a rest interval, so I could do rounds on a heavy bag tabata style.




not ideal, but buy a metronome.

you can vary the timmings (electronic)

Might be woth a look.

I think a boxing interval timer would be ideal. The cost about $120 though. I’m gonna pick up one of these.


This is a little strange but I burned a cd that contained 20sec and 10 sec tracks so when a song changed I knew to rest or start squatting. I used Nero to burn the CD, it allows you to edit song lengnths pretty easy


For what it’s worth, the better heart-rate monitor watches have interval timer programs. My Polar watch allows me to set all sorts of interval timings, then beeps at me when each interval changes.

Most Timex Ironman watches work fine. You set the countdown interval timer for 30 seconds and have it repeat. Once it ticks down to zero the alarm goes off for exactly ten seconds (while the countdown resets to thirty and keeps going). This gives you twenty seconds of silence and ten seconds of beeping. Rest while it beeps and bust ass when it doesn’t.

Cheapest solution I found.

Kitchen timer set for 20seconds and my stop watch.

Kitchen timer beeps at 20seconds, immediately look at my watch, and add ten seconds to whatever time i see, when i see that time come up, hit the kitchen timer and start all over.

Works really well for me.

I used my wife and a stopwatch.

…can I get a wife at Walgreens? what isle are they on? I’ve been meaning to pick one of those up…